Book Review: Restless by Michelle Bellon

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You grow up. You get married. You have a family. At least, that’s what Malea Winters BC Restless by Michelle Bellonbelieves she’s supposed to do. So why is it that every time she comes close to finding that happily ever after, she runs?

When she meets Garrett Taylor, she warns him that she’s not the marrying type because history has shown that long-term relationships are not her forte. She has a tendency to leave when things get too serious; the direct result of being raised by an emotionally detached mother and a stepdad with philandering ways. So she swore off men and surrounded herself with her best friends; three quirky, funny women who are facing challenges of their own.

But Garrett is everything she’s ever looked for; charming, successful, fun, and sexy. Despite her better judgment, his persistence pays off and she finds herself falling for him.

Learning how to love and be loved will be the hardest lesson she’s ever faced. The question is, will her relationships survive that lesson?

BW My Review

Restless is an utterly inspiring novel.

The story was all about Malea who always run away when things get tough. She has this commitment problem, and whenever her relationship with her past boyfriends gets seriously, she tends to break up with them and hurt their feelings. Getting married to Garrett, she now thinks if she did the right thing or not. She has been questioning herself on how can she be a good wife and a mother if she still has unfinished issues with herself, and that’s what she needs to fix before she ruined everything.

I do love you. But I don’t want to. – Michelle Bellon, Restless

In this book, you’ll get to know Malea, on how she changed her lifestyle from being the so-called “party girl” to being a mother and a wife, and how she tries to work her relationship with her husband, Garrett, despite her issues. She also has a lot of insecurities in herself like how she would be a good mother to her baby if she never experienced motherly care from her own mom and how would she be a good wife to Garrett if she always runs away when she gets too close to a man.

We see what we want to see, dear. – Michelle bellon, Restless

I liked the story and how it was narrated. In fact, the whole plot is good except for the way it moves from one scene to another, and it is a little bit confusing for me. A lot of questions are forming inside my head as I read this like what happened to her friend who is secretly in love to Malea and what happened before she got pregnant (this is the missing part of the story that makes me feel agitated).

”Friends don’t always know everything about each other.” – Michelle Bellon, Restless

I also loved the book cover. Just one look at it, it already describes who Malea is. It is perfectly made for this novel.

I am recommending this book, especially if you have a lot of “what-ifs” in life and if you are still having doubts about your own decisions. This book would really help you to understand yourself better. If you are like Malea, surely this one is for you to read.

Disclaimer: I received a review copy from Reading Deals.

BW My Rating

Rating 4

BW Book Details

Publisher: Booktrope editions

Publication Date: April 6, 2016

Genre(s): Romance, Contemporary

Language: English

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BW About the Author

Michelle Bellon lives in the Pacific Northwest with her four beautiful children. She AP Michelle Bellonearned her Associates Degree in Nursing and fills her moments of free time with her love for writing. She writes in multiple genres, including YA, romantic suspense, women’s fiction, and general fiction.

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