Book Review: Soulshifter by Barbara Pietron

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BW Synopsis

Sixteen-year-old Jack Ironwood knew exactly what he wanted. Until he got it.

Jack was content to stay unnoticed by pretty and popular track star, Natalie Segetich BC Soulshifter by Barbara Pietronuntil he overhears her claim that something took her friend Emma. As a soulshifter who can cross into the underworld, Jack knows the human-stealing Enuuki—hell’s messengers—are real and that a successful rescue mission would secure a future otherwise out of his reach. Working together, Jack and Natalie devise a plan to outwit the ruler of the underworld. Then on the eve of the quest, as Jack stands on the verge of seeing his dreams come true, he realizes he’s no longer sure what he wants. But it’s too late to back out. Pursued by the dark lord’s henchmen and ghastly mutant creatures, Jack and Natalie struggle to come out ahead in a battle and barter for souls. In the end, Jack will have to decide his own fate, because nothing short of a deal with the devil will get all three of them out of hell alive.

BW My Review

A novel that gives an adventure that will make you explore the underworld ruled by a God named Zalnic.

Since the start, Jack already set his dreams. Marrying Shera in the future, getting high positions in the sect, etc. But, it all changed when she overheard what Natalie and her ex-boyfriend talked about. Motivated in the first place by his dreams and plans, he tried to help Natalie to get her friend, Emma, back. But, to do that, they need to enter a dark place ruled by an underworld God, Zalnic.

I liked the story though I think it is kind of left me hanging in the end. If there were a book 2 for this, I would be happy to know it.

The concept is really great. Some parts are fascinating, and it is fun that we get some view of what Zalnic’s lair looked like.

I just don’t like how some parts seems not elaborated or told enough. Sometimes, I also skipped some sentences to get to the point.

The characters are amazing! Especially Jack. But, how I wish he just told the other Gods what Zalnic’s been doing so, he won’t have much sweat and effort wasted, and of course, the story will not be that fun anymore if it happens.

Overall, this book is an interesting read. I’d got to enter another realm full of adventure. This is recommended to all adventure and fantasy lover. And of course, if you like mythologies, this will work for you too.

Disclaimer: I received a review copy from Scribe Publishing Company via NetGalley.

BW My Rating

Rating 4

BW Book Details

Publisher: Scribe Publishing Company

Publication Date: November 24, 2015

Genre(s): Young Adult, Fantasy, Adventure, Mystery

Language: English

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BW About the Author

I have loved books my whole life. Even before I could read them myself. The “Hobbies” AP Barbara Pietronsection of every form I’ve ever filled out says: Reading. I’ve always had the utmost admiration for people who can invent a story that transports me out of my surroundings and into the lives of the characters. So as adults, when given a second chance to decide what I wanted to be, I thought, “If I could be absolutely anything I want, I would love to be an author.” And I started to write. My hope is that readers will find the same great escape in my stories that I’ve found in countless novels. Writing is my way of ‘giving back’.

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