I’m Back and I Need Some Help!

As I write this post, I’m still on the verge of crying because I still can’t accept that my beloved Tatay (grandfather) died. You know what? The time when I posted my previous post telling you that I will be on leave for a while as a blogger was also the time my uncle told me that my Tatay was already dead. Before that, all I know is that he is in the critical condition and I’m planning to visit him on the hospital after I’ve posted my previous post here but, God really knows how to break your heart because he already took his life before I could go to the hospital. I’m not that sad that he is gone now because I know he is already resting in peace and he is already in heaven with God.

Now, I’m still trying to move on from it as I’m also trying to continue what I’ve been doing before – blogging. For today, I don’t have any post except for this and one book review that I will post later. If some of you noticed something, I’ve changed my blog already – the designs and all except for some important posts. Though this is not yet the final design. I’m still trying to plan on how I want this blog to look like, and I already draw and write a lot of ideas to choose from. If you have anything on the mind and any suggestions that could help me, please comment it or just send me a message over the contact tab.

Also, I’m going to post more reviews now, and I already wrote some articles that I’ll post on My Trending Stories so you might want to check them and help me share them on media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Every time I am going to publish an article, I will make a short description of it here in my blog. If there’s anything that you want me to write or discuss as long as it is books related topics, just comment here.

I also need a little help on BlogLovin because I can’t claim my blog there. Whenever I search for my blog, nothing was shown. Any idea of how to do it?

Thank you, everyone!

15 thoughts on “I’m Back and I Need Some Help!

  1. I am so sorry to hear about your grandfather. I’ve lost my grandmother earlier this year, and I also couldn’t say goodbye. It is hard, and I know everyone says that it will get easier. The memories of your grandfather will always be a strong part of you and you will have days where missing him is the only thing you think of. Your new blog layout is amazing, and I’m sure that throwing yourself into work will be the best distraction. Chin up, and stay strong! Love C

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  2. I love the new layout of the blog, that’s the first thing that I’ve noticed. ^_^

    Yes, your grandfather is in a good place now.

    Good luck on your future posts and book reviews. Also, it’s good that you’re getting back to the usual routine. Routines help. I would help with Bloglovin but I have no idea how that site works. I’m sorry.

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  3. Hi, beautiful…I’m so sorry you are going through all the pain and emotions that come along with losing a loved one. Telling wonderful stories about him will still cause tears, but instead of sad ones they will become happy ones. This will help lighten the pain I’m sure you are feeling.

    As for your blog, it’s gorgeous. I love it. I have a few friends who are on BlogLovin. I’ll chat with them and have a look at the site and see if I can support in any way.

    Please take care of yourself.

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    • Yes, I secretly shed some tears whenever I’m alone. But, I’m ok now since the time I’d dreamt of him telling me some things after he died.

      Thank you! It would really help since I’ve been figuring out this last few days how to claim my blog on BlogLovin.

      Thanks again and take care also. May God bless you! 🙂


  4. I hope your okay . your grandfather is probably up in heaven talking to Muhammad Ali or Christina grimmie and all the people who have left this year 😪 I feel so bad I lost my grandfather too when I was nine I’m okay now but it took some time .. that’s all you need to get better time .

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    • I’m fine now. I don’t actually show them that I’m really really sad. I want them to see me happy that my grandfather is already out of pain and he is already with God. Thank you!


  5. I like the new layout of your blog. ^_^ It has a more serious vibe to it. As to suggestions, I am so sorry I don’t have anything to offer since I am improving my site too. XD

    Time will help numb the pain of your loss but don’t worry because it does not mean you don’t love your grandfather anymore but you’ve learned to accept it. You’ll get through this and become a stronger person. I should now because my grandparents, both sides have passed away. I’m looking forward to your, and your family’s recovery. Godspeed.

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  6. Time will divert your attention dear. I lost my grandmother two years ago and I was not in the country. She was the only survivjng grandparent I ever had and she had devoted her life for the care of my sister, my cousins and me. Whenever I remember her now, instead of a sharp pang I used to feel before, I remember a memory of her and send out a prayer for her soul.

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