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Thank you, Arianne of Beyond Chapters for tagging me! This tag is awesome! It was created by Aentee of Read at Midnight. See their awesome blog!


Pokémon was one of my most watched cartoon shows when I was around 6-10 years old. Now, seeing the hyped game nowadays, the Pokémon Go, I also get excited too on trying it out, but after a few days, I uninstalled it because I find it kind of annoying and maybe because I’m not a “SUPER” fan of Pokémon. *whisper* I’m waiting for Harry Potter Go. That’s what I’m sure will enjoy playing at instead of Pokémon Go.


Oh! The time is now running, and I’m here to present my answers before those Pokémons attack me for forgetting the purpose of this post. Happy Reading!


My both seatmates on my side when I was still in High School were reading Percy Jackson Series Book 1. Because of my curiosity on why they were so engrossed in reading this, I finally make a decision that would make me evolve as a bookworm – that is to borrow this book from my seatmate.


Hmmmn, so far, I haven’t read more classic books because I’m busy before and just this year I had the time to finally read more books. So, I don’t have any book to answer here for now.


A book that I lost interest because it’s literally everywhere… books by John Green. Yeah, I haven’t read any of his books nor watch the movie adaptation of them. I don’t know, but I just have this feeling that I won’t enjoy it because after hearing a lot about this book from my friends and classmates, I just know that this is not for me.


This is a vampire story, but I love how it was presented! I really enjoyed reading this book.


The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare! I’ve seen the books already and their thickness is dragging me away on reading it, but I know that I’ll be reading it soon just like how I enjoyed reading Harry Potter Series which is very much alike with TMI.


Books in Angel Series by Melanie Tomlin really kept me alive and active at night (and even if it’s midnight already, I just can’t stop reading it). I literally love it, and I’m planning to buy my own copy soon.


*Laughs*! This will never (EVER) change… my all-time OTP is Draco and Hermione! DRAMIONE forever! I know they don’t have a thing except for rivalry, but I’m just a fan who like to ship two characters that would look really good as a couple. *Smiles*


A fire-hot, fast-paced read… well, it’s kind of hard to choose because most of what I’d read can be put in this category. Maybe, I’ll pick the books written by xxakanexx. She is a Filipino writer, and her stories can be compared to Colleen Hoover stories. I really like her Consunji Series.


Percy Jackson and the Olympians Series is the reason why I’m reading fiction books now, and I’m not getting tired of reading the spin-offs of this series. I also love the mythology that’s why my interest in this book is really high.


The Trylle Book 1: Switched really surprised me. I thought it would be just an everyday story, but I ended up loving it!


Ahmmm… I’ve wanted to read this series since I’d heard about it. That is the Miss Peregrine’s Peculiar Children Series. I’ve found it very interesting based on the cover and synopsis!


I am not sure if there’s a collector’s edition of PJO series. If there is, then I would like to have it. I also want a collector’s edition of the Harry Potter series and The Chronicles of Narnia Series.


Hmmn, there’s a lot, but I am choosing the fourth book of Angel Series written by Melanie Tomlin. I am really excited to lay my hands on that book.


Rick Riordan, J.K. Rowling, Melanie Tomlin, and I can’t think right now if whom I forgot to add here.


None at the moment!


Now, I’m tagging you guys to do this book tag and let’s see what you will answer!

Sumaya of Sue Reading Corner | Emma Kath of llady Literary | Candace of Literary Dust

Maja of Maya The Book Explorer |Megan of Book Slayer Reads

And anyone who wants to do this tag too!

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7 thoughts on “Bookish Tag: Pokémon Go Book Tag

    • Super! I am not fond of reading fiction books before because I’m an academic type of person but after reading PJO, I already started reading other books. I’d heard a lot of good reviews on Miss Peregrine and I’m planning to read it this month. 🙂


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