Book Review: Constant Guests by Patricia Nedelea

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BW Synopsis

She was looking for her mother’s secret. Instead, she found the world’s greatest secret.

How would you feel if you found out one day that your mother wasn’t your mother and cover_patricia_nedelea_a4.inddnobody had a clue who your father might be? This is what happens to Isa, a cynical party girl from Paris whose life is abruptly changed. When Mara, her real mother dies in front of her eyes without saying a word, Isa wants to find out what Mara was searching for in 1991, before she went into a coma. But Isa soon discovers that she is not the only one searching for answers, and that her life is in danger. What is the secret that people are prepared to kill for? As Isa is drawn into a dark labyrinth of mysteries, she uncovers four lost-and-found stories related to a tarot deck from 1389. Four stories have to be told, twenty-four tarot cards have to be united and one great secret has to be revealed.

This book is a hybrid adventure novel, swinging across Europe between history, mystery and fantasy. Not only that, you will gain historical knowledge about tarot and see the first tarot deck ever: the book includes images of the twenty-four cards. It will leave you amazed at the possibilities it unfurls, intrigued by the history of the tarot and staggered at revelations you might develop a taste for.

BW My Review

Patricia Nedelea surely knows how to craft a surprisingly thought-provoking and brutally intriguing novel that will leave you impressed and breathless on its brilliant idea.

This is a book with four unique stories that happened on a different timeline.

First, it happened at the present time where a girl named Isa, discovered that she was not the daughter of her mother but her mother’s sister, Mara. Unfortunately, before Isa had the chance to talk with her real mother, she instantly died in front of her. It makes her investigate what happened to Mara when she left in 1991, leaving anyone who knows her no idea where she went.

The next one was set in 1991, and it shows where Mara is during this time and what she was doing. Then by the year 1389, a story of an old man who later on reveals that he’s a fake bishop was told. Lastly, in the year 100, a dying man asked his two companions to write everything he will say.

I was literally jaw-dropped when I’ve discovered some knocking revelations here. I was so amazed by how everything was connected and how the concept or the logic here seemed believable. After I’ve finished reading this, I was on the edge of accepting that everything I’ve read was real! I’ve just can’t stop imagining what if it was really true. Then tarot cards were also used here, so that made me like this novel more.

It was written in a way that it will make you confused on the first few pages, but eventually, you will get used to the flow of it. The writing style was so good that you’ll never want to stop reading it. It really hooked me.

Many characters were also introduced here, and I’m telling you already that you should pay attention to every detail because they were all important. Those will show you how those four stories were connected with one another.

Overall, this is a very good mind-blowing and riveting read. Very recommended!

Disclaimer: I received a review copy from the author.

BW My Rating

Rating 5

BW Book Details

Publication Date: May 21, 2016

Genres: Mystery, Thriller, Historical Fiction, Adventure

Language: English

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BW About the Author

My name is Patricia Nedelea and I’m currently living in Transylvania. After lots of life AP Patricia Nedeleachanges, I decided to become a full-time fiction writer. Constant Guests is my first novel.

My childhood dream was to be on stage, and after years of hard work I became a professional actress. Then I wanted to do something different, so I became an academic: I’ve got four Master Degrees and two PhDs. One of my PhDs was mostly about deconstruction, a reading and writing method I’m in love with. I’ve deconstructed and reconstructed Shakespeare, and the result was the academic book Femina Ludens. The other PhD was on Medieval and Renaissance history, more specifically on Tarot history. Historians have agreed that the questions about tarot origins are to be left unanswered, but I did not want to accept that. My novel Constant Guests offers an alternative answer to those questions.

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