Book Spotlight: Transformed: Paris by Suzanne Falter and Jack Harvey

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Hi everyone! I hope you are all well today!

I’m having another book spotlight. This time, it is the second book of Transformed, a mystery/thriller series featuring a trans-man spy and his dominatrix sidekick/lover.

The first book in the series, Transformed: San Francisco, followed the heroes to San Francisco where they thwarted an attack on the LGBT community. Now on this new installment of the series, they work to stop an anti-immigrant neo-Nazi dirty bomb plot in Paris.

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Transman spy Charley MacElroy travels to Paris to help French authorities break up a Neo-Nazi plot to scatter dirty bombs throughout the city. His older lover Electra comes along to study French, but she soon discovers Dickie Borque, a sinister British aristocrat with lavender hair, may be behind the plot. Charley, however, is not so sure.

Meanwhile, she and Charley begin having love troubles when he suggests opening up their relationship to suit his pan-sexual desires. After discovering that he may have been fooling around with his attractive new male assistant, Electra moves out in a huff. Soon Charley is wandering the quays alone, trying to find the dirty bombs while wistfully longing for his love.

Electra enlists the help of Dickie’s feisty eighty-something milliner, Odile, to break up the plot. But then suddenly, Electra disappears. Now Charley must search frantically for both the bombs and Electra amidst the cafes, conversation, and the gleaming, rainy streets of Paris in winter.

book details

Publisher: New Heights Publishing

Publication Date: September 13th, 2016

Series: A Quirky Queer Spy Novel, 02

Genres: Mystery, Thriller

Format: Paperback

Language: English

Pages: 270

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About the Authors


Suzanne Falter is an author, speaker, and blogger who has been writing professionally for more than thirty years. She has published both fiction and non-fiction. Her first novel was Doin’ the Box Step (Random House.) Her non-fiction titles include How Much Joy Can You Stand? And Living Your Joy (both Ballantine) and more recently, Surrendering to Joy. Her work has been featured in Women’s Day, The New York Times,  Fitness, More and Self Magazine as well as more than 100 radio and television programs.  Suzanne’s online writing and videos can be found on Facebook, Google +, YouTube, Pinterest, and on her blog at Suzanne lives with her partner in the San Francisco Bay Area.


Following retirement from a successful career on Wall Street in corporate finance and venture capital, Jack Harvey has turned his attention to fiction and the increasingly popular area of gender dynamics.  In his first novel, Transformed, he is partnering with his cousin, author Suzanne Falter.  Jack and his wife have two grown daughters and live in Manhattan and Connecticut.

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