Thursday Talks: Why Do You Re-read Your Books?

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Have you tried reading a book for the second time around? How about reading it for more than twice? Are there any reasons behind it or you just like doing it?

As a bookworm, re-reading a book is already familiar to us. We do it for different reasons and explanations. As for me, I’m doing it not just because I like the book, but because of the sheer happiness, it gave me when I’ve read it for the first time. Listed below are some of my answers to the question – why do you re-read your books?

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Remembering the Story

Of course, the first reason why I would reread a book is that of the story written inside it. I want to recapture the feeling of reading it like it was my first time to hold it on my both hands. I like to remember how the story took place in my heart.

Meeting an Old Friends

Old friends… they are the characters you’ve met in the book. It’s like a reunion with them. It is nice to be with them and to be part of their journey or adventure again. They were the ones who made you felt happy. And they were also the ones who were beside you during the time you are feeling lonely or sad.


The other reason was to enjoy rereading it. Why wouldn’t you read a book that you’ve enjoyed reading before?

Replaying Your Favorite Scenes

Oh goodness! Why on earth would I not want to reread my favorite scenes? It is one of the biggest reason why I like to re-read books that I loved.

Taking Down Quotes

I almost forgot to include this one. Sometimes, I re-read books when I like to copy some quotes on it. I am putting it on my notebook.

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And here are some of the reasons why I re-read books. I know there still more to add to it, but it’s all I can think of right now.

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Let’s Talk!

How about you? What are the reasons why you re-read your books?

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12 thoughts on “Thursday Talks: Why Do You Re-read Your Books?

  1. I’ve only reread books that I’ve absolutely loved, such as the SHATTER ME series! I just love to revisit and relive my favorite scenes. I usually never reread books if I’m just trying to remember the story; that’s what recaps are for!

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    • I haven’t read that yet but some of my friends are recommending it to me. I re-read Harry Potter and some new books that I like nowadays to get over the reading slump. 🙂


  2. The only reason I re-read is to review the book if it was one I read prior to starting the blog. My TBR is just too full to read something again that I’ve already reviewed. Maybe someday I’ll get to that point, but I doubt it. Good topic!

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    • There are new books that I also want to read. It just so happen that I am not in the mood for them sometimes and all I want is to read the books that I’ve read before (My faves). 😀


  3. Yes to all of these! Except the last one because I save quotes on my first read and when I reread I just end up finding more lol. But also, I love finding all those little things I missed in the first read. The details, the foreshadowing, etc. And I love being able to see the characters and their actions in a new light now that I know what they were thinking or feeling at the time.

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