Book Review: The Red Door by Rosa Fedele

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bw synopsis

What would you do if you began to suspect one of your tenants could be the perpetrator of a vicious double murder committed over thirty years ago?

It is 1983 and the new owner of the beautiful old Sydney mansion ‘Rosalind’ begins to The Red Door by Rosa Fedelebelieve she is being watched by the mysterious resident in Number Three, a reclusive man who happens to share his name with two teenage sisters, victims of a sinister and brutal murder. Her peace of mind slowly erodes as a fascination with the unsolved crime becomes obsession – consuming her life, shaking relationships with her newfound friends and leaving a trail of devastation.

This is a spellbinding tale, as much a mystery novel with an immigrant’s tragedy woven into its centre, as a portrait of women who carry dark secrets but also persevere through the strength of friendship.

The Red Door will take hold of your imagination and never let go.

ModernTeen's Review

The novel revolves around a house called Rosalind and its new owner named Maddie. When Maddie got the old Victorian style house, the house was in a mess and didn’t really look like a house that a human can live in. But due to renovations, it became a gorgeous house, and she already has four tenants who already live there even before she bought Rosalind. Rumors had spread that when the time of the renovation, some workers got injured and all that but she didn’t mind them at all because she thought it was just an accident. But it turns out there is really something creepy around the old house and even with the tenants living on it.

The way the author shows the scenes happening in this story amazed me. I love how dark and spine chilling it was when I’ve read it at night, alone in my bedroom. I couldn’t keep my hands off with my phone because of this book; it really was a page-turner.

The story has drama, thriller, and mystery that are well executed here. Every character has something to tell, they differ from each other, and they made me curious about what a certain character would show to the readers. I like how every scene makes a reader want to read it because of the mystery surrounding it. And I also like the pictures related to some chapters, they looked awesome, and I’ve read that the author itself made it. So I salute her for that.

However, I had a struggle at first with the sudden change of the characters’ point of views on some scenes. Like, this part was in the first person point of view which was through Maddie’s eyes and then it changes to the third person, telling some other scenes. That was the struggle at first, but I learned to like it. It made me feel like I’m watching the movie of this novel, and it gave me an insight into what happened to the other characters when Maddie’s were not with them. I would definitely want to see this as a movie or a TV series in the near future!

I highly recommend this to anyone wanting a good mystery book. It is perfect for reading in a cold night, alone.

Disclaimer: I received a reader copy from the author via Mystery Thriller Week event.

ModernTeen's Rating

rate 5

bw book details

ISBN-13: 9781925353471

Publisher: MoshPit Publishing

Publication Date: October 1st, 2015

Genres: Mystery, Suspense

Format: Paperback

Language: English

Pages: 437

Add in Goodreads: CLICK HERE

bw about the author

“For me, every painting and every book is a new adventure, started with a thrill of excitement and anticipation.”

Australian painter Rosa Fedele, known for her portrait and figurative work, was born in Rosa FedeleSydney and studied at the prestigious Julian Ashton Art School. A member of Portrait Artists Australia, Australia’s largest industry association for professional portraitists, and a regular contributor to Australian Fine Art and Decorative Painting magazine, her work has been exhibited in NSW Parliament House and Parliament House Canberra, as well as numerous galleries and exhibitions in Australia and worldwide.

Rosa fell avidly in love with books at a very young age. Her favorites were those by C.S. Lewis and Tolkien, and later on Raymond E. Feist, David Eddings, Anne McCaffrey and Frank Herbert; in fact, anything with beautiful and spellbinding words and imagery that would allow her to escape into other worlds.

Her debut novel The Red Door is a fulfillment of her lifelong dream, to interweave a story with pictures… and draw the reader into her own bewitching, and slightly dark-edged, world.



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