Thursday Talks: My “Hate” Thoughts on Romance Novels

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Who wouldn’t want to read a book that has romance on it? I know that some of you don’t prefer reading romance novels, but I know, deep inside, that you also like it at some point.

As a reader, I like reading books with some romance between the characters, but it really depends on how the author wrote it. There are instances when the romance itself is the reason why I keep putting a book down. Why? It’s because there are things that the author wrote on it that just bother me. It’s also the reason why other genres are more appealing to me than pure romance novels.

It’s not a bad thing if the book focuses on the love story of a man and a woman, but if the story seemed cliché or the way it was told was really awful, then I have no choice but to put up a wall on that genre.

I am also the kind of reader that likes reading something not frequently told, and I hate reading the same sort of story over and over again. So, if the plot itself suggests me that it belongs on my “hate-list-on-plot,” and then I tend to ignore that book and just choose something more interesting.

So, today, I decided to talk about the reason as to why I don’t like reading romance stories. There is a lot on my “hate-list,” but these are just my top 3 reasons.

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I’ve read some books before that only gave me the impression that the female lead was somehow obsessed with the male lead. She talked about how charming that guy was, how handsome he was, how mouth-watering his muscles and abs were, how he was the most decent and gentleman she had met, etc., etcetera. In the end, all I knew was she was superbly in love with that guy and the conflict on that story? Just some used and repetitive twist on most books – LOVE TRIANGLE. It’s kind of annoying right?

Well, it makes me lose interest in reading a romance novel when the character’s thought is all about “LOVE.” I know it’s a romance novel but is that enough reason to only talk about love? How about narrating his/her experience in other areas? For me, not because it is categorized as romance, it already means that authors should only write about how he/she fell in love or something like that. The authors are free to put an additional story like something about their friendship and family relationship. Don’t just stay on the love part but also narrate something about your characters that will make us – the readers – feel more connected to them like something about their interests, hobbies and their experiences in the other region aside from love.


Another reason is that of the so-called insta-love. I just find it ridiculous, and yes, you can like a person at your first meeting but to say that it is already loved? It’s a no-no for me. How can you say that it’s love already? Why not just say it as crush or infatuation first then from there, just develop the story to show how they’ll eventually fall in love with one another? I think it is much better because it sounds more plausible than the love-at-first-sight thing. So, when the story has insta-love, either I just ignore it, or most of the time, I don’t read it anymore – unless there IS an acceptable reason for them to feel that way.


This is what I hate the most on romance novels that I’ve been reading. I don’t really mind if the book I’m reading has some sex scenes on it, but if all the chapters always have it, then it’s an issue for me.

It is just disappointing when the story is all about them having sex. It is driving me off on continuing reading the book. It makes me think if the author just did it to attract some readers – readers who like those things – or he/she just forgets the real storyline.

It is okay if the book is erotica, but if it’s not, then it only diminishes the main point of the story. The author should just categorize it as an erotica or much better if the author is planning to put some scenes like that, please… don’t put it on ALL AND EVERY chapter! And if it is essential to the story, then just mention it because not everyone needs to know the details or have some chapters with that scene.

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And those are my top 3 reasons as to why I avoid reading romance novels.

Thanks for reading, and have a beautiful day!

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How about you? If you also avoid reading romance novels, then what are your reasons for doing so?

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16 thoughts on “Thursday Talks: My “Hate” Thoughts on Romance Novels

  1. I actually really love romance in my books, and I don’t even mind when the romance is most of the plot (though I agree that I do want SOMETHING else to happen). But I 100% agree with you on books that seem to be all about sex. I’m like you—I don’t mind sex in my books, but I want LOTS of plot to go with it (even if it’s romance-based plot). Otherwise, I’d call it erotica.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I don’t mind too if it’s romance as long as there’s a twist. Even if it is too predictable, as long as it can touch my heart, I’m fine with it.


    • I agree! Some supposedly good book turned into nothing because of the romance that the authors tried to put in there. And thank you!


  2. Oh my goodness, I agree with everything that you said here, Alyssa. I have a huge pet peeve when the character constantly thinks about love – I know it’s normal for humans to think about their desires, but they’re also thinking about OTHER things as well. I really wish some authors would realize it’s not realistic.

    The others I’m not TOO bothered about (the third doesn’t exist for me because I don’t read books with sex scenes – just implied ones) since it’s not a HUGE issue for me, but I do agree it’s annoying and hate seeing it. Add it on with the first and I give up on the book instantly.

    ~Sophia @ Bookwyrming Thoughts

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, it’s normal for humans to think about love or desires but for me, it’s one of the lesser things I think about. I’m just glad that I’m not having problems with my current reads right now that is related to this post.

      Thank you Sophia!


  3. Oh how I totally agree with you…I hate it when books do ALL the above, especially if the genre isn’t even mainly love! Instalove is my number one pet-peeve…like really, society wonders why our idea of love is skewed. And don’t get me started on love triangles…great post though!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I agree that some books not categorized as romance sometimes do it all and it’s annoying. Like what’s the use of reading that particular genre if it’ll only be about some cheesy-not love. And thank you!

      Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you! I just need to write this post because I can’t keep my dislike on this things anymore.


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