Thursday Talks: Why Being a Book Reviewer is NOT Easy?

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Hello! Happy Thursday, lovelies!

I’ve thought for a while that I should write something about this topic. I know that some people believe that being a book reviewer is a relaxing thing to do. Yes, it’s cool and fun to be one, but it is never easy. Every time, some of my friends would find out that I’m doing reviews on books that I’ve been reading, they always tell me that it’s cool and such, but sometimes, some of them would make a snide comment that it’s just easy and they can also do it because of school works like it, but they just find it not worthy of their time. Well, I don’t really care if it’s wasting my time and if I don’t get any money from it, as long as I enjoyed reading books, it’s already a pleasure to me. Now, let me give you the reasons why being a book reviewer is NOT easy.

First of all, writing a book review was not a simple task.

Why? It is because there were times when the book you’ve read was either great or not but the thing is, there would be a time that you couldn’t express what you wanted to say about the story. You were either out-of-words because it was really amazing and you thought whatever you would say won’t be enough to convey your feelings, or it was just disappointing that you don’t want to write anything because you might put unintentional hurting words about the story or the author.

Next, as a book reviewer, I should be mindful of what I include in my reviews.

Again, why? Because when you write book reviews, it is not a simple written thought you have about the book. You must also see if you are putting spoilers or not in it. Sometimes, writing what you liked and disliked in the story is helpful because there are readers who are trying to avoid reading a particular topic, scene, or other things. I know there are instances when we really loved a book, we tend to forget writing about small stuff which could be a disappointment for others. And also when we hate the story, we tend to forget to talk about the good points in it. This is important for me as a book reviewer because our review most of the time influences other to read or not a book – and who knows, the books we disliked will be their favorite and otherwise?

Lastly, the time I spent to read and review the book is irreplaceable.

I have too many things that I can do using the time I spent on reading and reviewing a book. I am a busy person. And aside from being a book blogger, I am also a college student and an active member of my school and local organizations. So, it is tough to find time to read and review the books I want to read. It really takes time for me to be able to finish my review for each book because just like what I’ve said above, I am trying my best to be mindful of what I write. Right now, I have a lot of unfinished reviews on my laptop, but it’s hard for me to finish it due to some reasons – like I don’t know what to write about it and having a lack of time to complete them. But I don’t regret being a book reviewer. I enjoy what I’m doing, and book blogging is my way of unstressing myself.

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And those are my reasons why being a book reviewer is not an easy thing to do. There were still other reasons like deadlines for review of each book and such, but these three are my main reasons that I want the other people to know about me as a book blogger and reviewer.

Thank you, everyone, for reading! Always take care! *sends hugs and kisses*

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For you, why do you think it’s hard to become a book reviewer?

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56 thoughts on “Thursday Talks: Why Being a Book Reviewer is NOT Easy?

  1. So many good points here! I think reviewing books is a really fun thing to do, but also … wow, you totally nailed some of the negatives of it. I’ve realized that in order for me to post one review on my blog, it takes about an hour to an hour and a half to write the review, format it, and post it on Goodreads and Amazon. I mean, that’s a pretty significant investment of time. And like you said, trying to be soooo careful of what you put in reviews and how you approach it if the book wasn’t your favorite. But still trying to add in some amount of usable bits if all you want to do is gush about a book you loved. It’s such a hard balance. I think it’s all too easy to underestimate the time it takes and just take book bloggers/reviewers for granted.

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  2. I don’t think it’s hard just it has its challenges like everything else. Finding the time is difficult for me as there’s so much I want to do and I’ve forgotten to post this week. Book bloggers don’t get paid so it has to be something you enjoy doing.

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