Thursday Talks: Why Did I Stop Hoarding Books?

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Do you hoard books? What does it make you feel? It’s satisfying and addicting. But, have you ever thought of its adverse effect on us? Do you think it only brings pleasure to us?

Well, I do hoard books before when I’m still not aware of what it might do to me. Right now, this is what I hate the most for being a book lover because even if I gained pleasure on buying those books that I’ve found in a physical and online bookstore, I know that I am also guilty for “overspending.” I know it is not wrong to spend money on books, but if you always just buy books because you find their covers pretty and/or you wish to add them to your growing collection, but in the end, you won’t read them anyway then you better think twice.

When I started my freshman year in college, I’ve met several people who liked reading and hoarding books. Since I am always with most of them, they had influenced me on buying books too – which I never did before because I am the borrower-in-the-library-type of a reader. So, I started saving most of my allowance just for books and every week; I think I’ve been adding more than three books on my bookshelves.

At first, I thought it was cool and nice because my collections were growing, but after a year or more, I’ve reflected on what I’ve been doing. I’ve noticed that I’m just spending my money unreasonably. Why? It is because I know that I won’t be able to read all of those books that I’ve bought. I’ve been just displaying them on the bookshelves. And much importantly, I haven’t able to save the money spent on books for many important things.

To summarize my thoughts, book-hoarding only pleases me because I see those books as my second family and friends when I feel alone or happy, but I wasn’t aware that it also secretly makes me spend my money lavishly for things that I don’t really need during those times.

So, if you are planning to hoard books, I suggest that you should only take what you intend to read. Don’t buy them all at once. I know some of you will say that you planned to read them all since the day you’d purchased them and I know I’ve said that many times too before but whether I like it or not, I’m sure that in the back of my mind, I won’t be able to read most of them.

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Let’s Talk!

How about you? Do you also hoard books? What’s your thought on doing it?

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25 thoughts on “Thursday Talks: Why Did I Stop Hoarding Books?

  1. I’ve gone through stages–when I was younger and first bringing home a paycheck, I used to buy books and value having them on my shelves. Then I moved a few times and thought about simplifying and wondered–why keep books I’m not going to re-read? There purpose is to be read, not stuck on a shelf! So I gave away a bunch and went back to using the library for fiction. But then I started both book blogging and teaching reading, so I buy tons of books for my classroom, but somehow that has loosened me up to buying more books for myself as well. I really need to stop though–I’m trying to ONLY buy books I can see donating to my classroom library after I read them.

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    • That’s buying with great purpose not just buying because you like it and you’re hoping to read it in the future which doesn’t guarantee that you’ll be able to really read it.


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