Monthly Wrap-Up – June

Monthly Wrap-Up – June.png

It had been so long since I did a monthly wrap-up! Today, I’ll just make a re-cap of what I’ve been posting here on my blog this month.

So, let’s start with the book reviews.

I’ve posted 3 book reviews this month, and one of it is from my ever-supportive-friend/review contributor Hana aka ModernTeen. I’ve been in my worst or one of the worst reading slumps in my life as a reader, and I’ve been reading more than 3 books which until now I haven’t finished. But, hey, re-reading and re-watching Harry Potter series did help me overcome that problem so right now, I’m already happy to put some books on my read piles and expect more reviews this month.

Then, I’m very active on posting book discussions this month even if I haven’t written them perfectly – well, I’ve wanted to add more words on them, but my head is nowhere to be found that time haha! But, I’ll do my best to write them much better than how I’ve been writing them before.

I’ve also received some awards from my fellow bloggers, and all I could say is thank you again for these awards! *sending kisses*

I’ve finished reading an ARC copy of One Fear by Belle Brooks, and I’ll be posting my review of it on July 13th. While, on the book box giveaway, I’m just happy to share it to you even if I’m not qualified to enter it because obviously, it was open to selected countries only.

Well, that’s all! Oh, I’m also posting in a little while my TBR for this month. *smiles*

Thank you, everyone, and have a wonderful weekend!

3 thoughts on “Monthly Wrap-Up – June

    • Thank you Noriko! ♡ And do you have any Japanese novel (translated in English) that you can recommend to me? I’m currently reading Goth by Otsuichi and it’s so good that I’m craving for more!

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      • If you like creepy, dark, twisty book, then I think ‘Out’ by Natsuo Kirino is for you. I’ll ask my Japanese friends for more recommendations and get back to you😉✨

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