Thursday Talks: Book Cover Designs that Bothers Me

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Hello! It’s time for me to rant oppps, I mean to talk about books or being a reader.

Recently, I’ve been Kindle/book hunting on and Goodreads to look for books that I want to add to my TBR. The problem is, I am lazy, yes I’m lazy but only when it comes to checking the book description. As you can already imagine, I’m the kind of reader that will mostly buy the book because of its cover not because of its content. Yeah, I’m guilty of it, but I know most of you also judge a book by its cover. Then, while browsing on a lot of titles, I am mostly skipping some books even if the ratings are really high because the covers are telling me to don’t pick it up. Why? You’ll know later. And I am also rolling my eyes whenever I pick a book and its design really catches my eyes – the covers are lovely – but it only disappoints me because when I’ve read the blurb, and also some reviews on it, I can already picture myself not enjoying it so bye books with pretty covers!

Now, I want to talk about what bothers me when picking a book based on its cover and which always left me having a hard time deciding whether I’ll choose it or not.

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I really hate this! Whenever I read a book, I always try to picture the characters based on how they were described in the story, but when its cover has a face on it, it lessens my pleasure on reading that book. But, it is only applicable to human faces, not cartoons or anime-like faces.



I like everything to be organized and pretty to look at when it comes to my books, especially when it’s a series. So, if a series doesn’t have the same cover designs on each book, it irritates me. It’s ok to change something on it but to overall destroy the design/theme; it’s a big X for me.



When a book cover has been changed to its movie adaptation poster, all I am sure is that I WON’T BUY IT EVEN IF I LOVE THE BOOK ITSELF! I just really dislike seeing the cover of those actors/actresses on it because just like what I’ve said on #1, I hate human faces on the covers. Unless the poster itself is clean from these faces, then there’s a chance I’ll read it.



Oh my! ONE OF MY BIGGEST PET PEEVES on book covers! I WON’T EVER BUY A BOOK – well, for print books only – if the covers have those shirtless men and women embracing each other or kissing one another or whatsoever they are doing there! These covers already have those human faces, and it only adds their (almost) naked body. Well, the shape of those men are really a sight to see for me but, if ever I’ll read a book with these covers outside of my house, I’ll only get embarrassed because some people might think I’m reading some erotic or sensual books when I’m not.



When a specific book became popular, and its cover was one of the main reason it clicked on most readers, the other books from different authors will also have the same outline or pattern hoping that the other readers who’ve read that popular book might also want to read it too. Why? Because well, they’ve liked that popular book’s design, so why won’t they love these new books with the same design/theme too?


Then, there’s also an instance where some books literally look alike because they really have the same design except for title fonts, colors, and some parts of it and I don’t know if it’s intentional or just a mistake by the cover designer for using the same thing for it.

And this thing also never makes me happy because I like seeing unique cover arts and for me, covers are not just a door to the world inside that book, but it’s also a representation of that novel. It’s one of the things that will make it stand out from the rest of the books out there, but now, it was just ruined because of having a cover twin-y.

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And those are what bothers me when I choose a book to buy or to read because I really liked seeing books with gorgeous cover arts and of course, it should be related to the story, and if those listed reasons above are shown to me, I’ll only hesitate on taking it.

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Let’s Talk!

What about you? What book covers do you dislike? Does anything about the covers also distract you or bugs you when choosing a book?

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