What I Discovered New When Researching and Writing Outremer by D.N. Carter

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When I first started to pen Outremer, it was originally going to be one volume revealing codes from antiquity that I believed people should all be made aware of. Over a lifetime of research since a young boy, I thought I knew things and answers to some pretty big questions about mankind’s true past and hidden history. But in fact I eventually realised just how very little I did actually know for as I researched deeper, more questions were raised. Undaunted, I persevered and my one volume became two, then three and finally four, each over 350,000 words long. (Eight normal sized books worth)

‘Your beliefs do not make you a free thinker… the ability to change your beliefs based upon new information does’ I was told when living in Cyprus, and so I strive to constantly seek out new information; consequently I discovered many new things… far too many to include here but all are covered within Outremer in, I hope, quite considerable detail. Some of the simpler facts that surprised me however were learning that King Richard the Lion heart could not speak English. His first language was French. I was also surprised to learn that the real figure of Jesus, had, and used a staff, or as some call it, a wand even! The debate on the ‘real’ Jesus is a massive one and I had to research a vast wealth of information, both orthodox and unorthodox, and likewise with Islam’s prophet, Mohammed, to get to grips with what I believe is the real story behind both figures. I think I have argued the case for both within Outremer fairly and realistically from an unbiased position.

One of the main things I learned when researching Outremer, is a clear fact, not assumption nor supposition, but fact, that all three of the Abrahamic religions (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam) all carry within their respective Holy Books, a genuine and provable mathematical code… and they are the same codes. As the famous scientist Stephen Hawkins once said, “If God is real, he is maths”. It shows that there is a higher knowledge behind their origins, one I have yet to hear an atheist truly argue against successfully. Two of my characters within Outremer argue both sides of this debate as I have tried to be fair in what and how that information is conveyed and I leave it to the reader to decide for themselves what to believe. This is most apparent when the ‘Staff of Jesus’ is brought up in the story, its connection to the ‘Staff of Moses’ and other such as staffs throughout history. Within my epilogue in book four, I give the very latest information dealing with the ‘Staff of Jesus’. One obvious example is the carved relief images upon the walls of the Vatican. Most references to Jesus having a staff were removed from scripture early in the Church’s history, but the information, which cannot be retrospectively removed as it has been on a show for 1,400 plus years now, is all detailed within Outremer. When St. Patrick founded the Armagh Cathedral, he blessed and sanctified it with the so-called ‘Staff of Jesus’.  He stored the staff, which he referred to as his ‘Sacred Crozier’, in the Cathedral upon its founding.  After the death of St Patrick, the staff was burned on the High Street in Dublin and given up as a sacrifice to the Lord by Arch-bishop George Brown after it was stripped of its gems that have been venerated and continue to be venerated.

Another overlooked fact of history is that Saladin endorsed and commissioned the formation of Muslim Knight Templar’s. Full details of this can be sourced within the attachments of the ‘Treaty of Ramla in 1192’ but also documented information that Saladin has actually knighted into the Order of the Temple of Solomon himself in 1190 AD. The 13th-century manuscript, the French work ‘Ordene de Chevalerie’ (Order of Chivalry) written around 1250 AD, historically documented the event in which Saladin was given and received the secret induction ceremony of the Knights Templar by Count Hugo of Tiberias of the Kingdom of Jerusalem. ‘L’armée de Saladin’, is a painted illustration in a French Manuscript of 1337 AD that clearly depicts Knights of the Order of Saladin with regalia and symbols as perceived by the medieval Knights Templar. Again this is explained and references given with my full epilogue so readers may check the facts themselves.

The clearest example I can offer how our history or religious texts are misunderstood is that contained within the Bible as found within the Book of Revelation. All people are aware of the Apocalypse and what it supposedly means. Yet in truth Apocalypse means to ‘unveil’ or to ‘reveal’.  (apocalypse – Ancient Greek: ἀποκάλυψις apocálypsis, from ἀπό and καλύπτω) meaning ‘un-covering’, translated literally from Greek, it is a disclosure of knowledge, i.e., a lifting of the veil or revelation. So the Book of Revelation in the Bible actually predicts an unveiling of great truth and unimaginable wisdom. Not the end of the world but rather the end of the world order as we know it.  Revelation is a book of messages miss-interpreted and distorted and is perhaps the one main book that contains many mathematical codes that shout out from the pages.

But all facts aside, the main thing I have personally learned, is that we, mankind as a whole, are all connected, we are inherently good, not bad and we are all spiritual beings and religion is simply a vehicle that has been used to convey a higher message across time as well as moral codes and words of hope and comfort… plus a message we are now only truly beginning to recognise for what it is. And that love, as airy fairy, corny or as some argue naive as that may sound, is the key… and true education I believe is when you are shown something, but not told how to see it. So we have a choice for we effect the very environment we live in and the world as a whole. I cannot express or articulate within this short article what that choice is in any coherent sensible fashion, suffice it to say, it does, and we are all responsible for making the choice as we approach it.

~ D.N. Carter

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Who Controls The Past Controls The Future

An epic love story must overcome religious divide and a plot to eradicate two blood lines, as the Crusades and the search for the ancient mysteries of the Holy Grail gather momentum.

Raised by his father in La Rochelle, France, Paul Plantavalu is known for his artistic nature, inquisitive mind and Christian faith. He also has an unshakable love for his Muslim childhood friend, Alisha al Komaty. Courageous and outspoken, she returns Paul’s love. But their path is paved with obstacles; religion, war, political chaos and a mysterious enemy determined to destroy their family lines.

Sometime between 1110 AD and 1120 AD in the aftermath of the first crusade, a small band of nine knights — the founding knights Templar — recover ancient precious artefacts left by a former, advanced civilisation, beneath the City of Jerusalem. Ruthlessly guarded, the secrets revealed by this discovery are highly prized by powerful and dangerous forces far and wide; the repercussions of their capture are inextricably linked to Paul and Alisha. As Paul starts to experience dark and vivid dreams and the fragile balance of peace starts to crumble, it will fall to an enigmatic man known as Kratos and his female warrior protégée Abi Shadana, to safeguard Paul and Alisha.

Paul and Alisha’s love story weaves between the threads of our reality and other realms — from the Druids to the Sufi mystics, the Magi of the East, the secret political arm of the Knights Templar and the Isma’ilis, the Assassins. Knights and pilgrims alike will witness some of the darkest battles ever fought. The discovery of a unique sword’s lethal power and whispered connections to King Arthur and the Holy Grail lead Paul and Alisha to question if their lives ever be the same again.

The first of a four-part series, Outremer is an historical epic, which sweeps across England, Scotland and France, to Syria, Jerusalem and Egypt. Discover the truth — and crack the ancient code — behind the great mysteries of the High Middle Ages for yourself.

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After strange and vivid experiences whilst living in Cyprus as a child, author D N Carter has been fascinated by the history, myths and legends of the Middle Ages and mankind’s past. As he got older travels to Pyramids of Giza in Egypt, the Languedoc region of France and the deserts of Arabia fuelled his enthusiasm. While not decoding maps and mathematical codes D N Carter enjoys adventure sports from parachuting to microlight flying. Today he divides his time between East Anglia in the UK and the south of France with his family.

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