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In the dark woods, I’m forbidden to go into, lying on top of the one person I swore I’d The Gifts of Our Mothers by Hazel Blackstay away from, and hiding from the men who chased him, I hold still as Ike Kennedy whispers in my ear, “Don’t leave me.”

The questions of why my mother packed up our lives and moved us to Auburn, New Jersey when she, herself, fled here twenty years ago, plague me every day. Her past and the people in this town loom over our family with a haunting understanding of the coven I was born into but realize I know nothing about. The enemies I heard stories about as a child attack without warning or regard for human life, but I don’t know who they are.

I’m Ever Ayars. I can fly. I can disappear. I can move things with my mind, but my gifts are my only clarity. Lost within a new school, new friends, and a new life, there is only one thing I know for sure.

I’m not leaving Ike Kennedy.

my review

The Gifts of Our Mothers is exquisitely and enjoyable read for me.

The story itself is superbly. I just love how it centers more on the relationship between Ever and Ike. Even though this is not just a romance novel, I could say that the love between them made me like this book. I also like how the mystery that covers Ever’s life until she discovered the answers to her questions was narrated. Though I feel like there’s more to it, and I can’t wait for enough to read it and discover more about her and of course, to know how her relationship with Ike will go.

I like how this book was written. It made me love the characters and enjoy the explicit plot. I am just lost for enough words to describe how I feel about this book. But, all I could tell you that this book will make you believe that there are people who will never leave your side no matter what happens. They will always be around you and are waiting to catch you when you fall. That was what I learned from Ike and Ever. That whatever problems blocked their path, they still fight to break it and be with one another.

And I almost forgot that the book cover is amazingly pretty. It already captivated me the first time I saw it, and I know that I want to read this book.

Overall, this is an interestingly good book that I am recommending to everyone to read. Just be prepared to discover the mysteries around Ever and be set to see how the love between Ever and Ike’s bloom like a flower.

Disclaimer: I received advance readers copy from Xpresso Book Tours.

my rating

rate 4

book details

Publisher: Brunswick House

Publication Date: October 2, 2017

Series: The Witches of Auburn, 01

Genre(s): Paranormal, Young Adult

Language: English

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about the author

Hazel Black graduated from Rutgers University and returned to her hometown in rural Hazel BlackSouth Jersey. Her mother encouraged her to take some time and find herself. After three months of searching, she began to bounce checks, her neighbors began to talk, and her mother told her to find a job.

She settled into corporate America, learning systems and practices and the bureaucracy that slows them. Hazel quickly discovered her creativity and gift for storytelling as a corporate trainer and spent years perfecting her presentation skills and studying diversity. It was during this time she became an avid observer of the characters she met and the heartaches they endured. Her years of study taught her that laughter, even the completely inappropriate kind, was the key to survival.

She currently lives in New Jersey with her family and a misbehaving beagle named Odin. As an avid swimmer, if Hazel is not with her family and friends, she’d rather be underwater. While she enjoys many genres, she is, and always has been, a sucker for a love story… the more screwed up, the better.

Hazel Black writes contemporary romance as Eliza Freed. To keep up with all new releases and giveaways, sign up for her newsletter here.

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