Book Review: Valley of Fire by Bronwyn Archer

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BW Blurb

Hunted. Haunted. Heir to a life-changing fortune…and a hidden family tragedy.

Forced to flee her swanky graduation ball pursued by dangerous Russian assassins, Valley of Fire by Bronwyn Archer.jpgeighteen-year-old Lana must go on the run. She’s just discovered her late mother—who threw herself off the Golden Gate Bridge for reasons no one knows—was also heir to a grand Gilded Age fortune—but she never told Lana the truth about her past. Haunted by questions and by the ghost of her godmother, Lana must live long enough to claim her fortune—and solve the mystery of her mother’s death.

Her only hope is the gorgeous, intimidating Alexander Ambrose. Who also happens to be her wealthy distant cousin. After finding Lana badly injured in the middle of the desert, he convinces her that she alone is heir to their reclusive great-aunt’s Gilded Age fortune. When she finds out her enemies are tracking her every move, she convinces Alexander to take her on a wild drive across the United States in his sleek Aston Martin.

If she doesn’t survive the journey, her devious, greedy stepmother will claim her fortune. But first, she must survive Alexander Ambrose.

The second and final book in the VALLEY OF THE MOON series, VALLEY OF FIRE concludes the adventures of Lana Goodwin. A contemporary YA mystery, the book contains some intense scenes of violence, steamy romance, fast cars, ghosts, and a riveting conclusion to the tale of the girl from the valley of the moon.

BW My Review

I’ve been waiting for too long to read this book two of “Valley of the Moon.” When the author sent me a message telling me that this book is already done, I was excited to start reading this, but my schedule in college was a hindrance. Now, I finished reading this, and here comes my review to this book.

Let’s start with how the story began. At first, I am kind of disconnected with what was happening with the story as I’ve read the first book way back 2016 so I decided to see my review to the book one, and from there, I am back with the story. I like how my interest with the characters and their story was reignited.

The characters started just how they were like during the first book, but in this second book, I noticed how they slowly changed. The development in their role is proper, and well, it goes with the flow of the story. And here is Alexander again, still giving me the mysterious vibes and I hate it because I can’t stop myself from swooning over him.

I like how the author wrote the story and how she came up with this plot. It is unique and exciting. Though the only problem that I saw was not going to destroy the flow of the story. There were some typos in the book, but it won’t affect the enjoyment you’ll have when reading it.

The storyline is a mix of mystery, action, romance, and a little horror because of that ghost element. This book has a fun story with twists that will rumble your mind. I am recommending this book if you like mafia thing with those words I’ve said above.

Disclaimer: I received an Advance Reader Copy from the author.

BW My Rating

rate 4

BW Book Details

Publisher: Bronarch Books

Publication Date: February 26, 2019

Series: Valley of the Moon, 02

Genre(s): Young Adult, Contemporary

Language: English

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BW About the Author

Bronwyn Archer is an author, copywriter, and mother to several children, last time she counted.

At her all-girls high school, Bronwyn discovered a love of writing and the importance of a good fake ID.

She gets nervous in black-bottomed swimming pools and when the Champagne runs out at parties.

Her favorite things do are avoiding laundry and avoiding exercise. She credits video games for giving her the time she needed to finish her latest novel. Her children are grateful she needed that writing time, too.

She is still searching for her own “signature fragrance,” which she’ll know when she finds it.

Website | Goodreads | Twitter

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