Thursday Talks: Is Leaving Book Review Important?

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A friend of mine asked me why I do a book review. She even asked if I must leave one every time I finished reading a book. Guess what? I don’t really know the exact answer to it. It just that, reviewing a book helps me get the word out of my mind. It lets me write my opinions and feelings out about the book, whether I like it or not. But, I don’t need to do it every time. I don’t have all the time to write reviews every time I finished a book. I’m still in college, and the degree I’m taking requires most of my time to study for it. So, what I do is only leave a review if and only if I can.

As a reader, why do we need to leave a review for a book we read?

Your opinion matters. Star ratings are all the same, but how you write your opinion about the story is unique. What you think of the story may or may not affect the other readers in picking it up and reading it. It has an impact on the decision of someone close to you or a person who trust your opinion. Even if you deny it, I know, that when picking a book or a book from a new author, the reviews written about it helps you in deciding whether to read it or not. Every novel has different characteristics that make it outstanding, and you spreading those qualities out helps in promoting it. But, always leave a positive and useful review. You can do it without being nasty to the author for writing something that didn’t suit your taste.

Now, is our review important for the author? YES. IT IS. How?

Reviews can impact the sale of their books. As the others are saying, having more reviews might make the retail sites like Amazon recommend the book to their customers and feature it in searches.

It can also bring their books to other readers. The more people who talk about their book, the more chances that more reader will read it. Though, there is also a reader who doesn’t like to read hyped books like me, so don’t expect that everyone will read it just because it is being talked about by everyone around you.

Aside from that, it even helps the authors improve their writing. Our reviews are very beneficial to how the author will enhance their way of writing the story. They can use our opinions on how they will write the dialogue, how they will tell the story, how they will create their characters, and how they will develop the world-building. It also helps them think of a story that their readers want them to write. It motivates them to write more stories that you will enjoy.

So, is leaving a book review important? For me, it is both yes and no. Yes, if it is okay for you to leave one and you think it would help you and the author. No, if it makes you feel like it is a chore that needs to be done. I know that some of you would say that a simple one-liner sentence and or a simple rating would do so, but remember that there are people who are busy with their life and they don’t like giving reviews like we do. And who knows, maybe, they help in promoting the book by sharing their opinions about it with their friends and relatives.

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How about you? Do you think that leaving a book review important? How and why?

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16 thoughts on “Thursday Talks: Is Leaving Book Review Important?

  1. Back before I was blogging, I used to just leave ratings on GR. Then, my daughter sold me on the importance of leaving reviews, especially because I was reading so many indie and self published authors. It’s quite vital, and if I want them to keep writing books, it’s important that other people read their books too. I also like have a record of my thoughts on each book I read, because I read an above average amount of books. A few lines help me remember how I felt about the book, and I like being able to look back on that.

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    • I used to rate the books I’ve read before, but after meeting a book reviewer, I just started writing reviews on the books I’ve been reading. It is also useful to know what you prefer in books. Thank you!

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  2. I love helping new authors! Of course I like getting ARCs, but I will read author requests or books from sites like Prolific Works or Bookfunnel that are clearly on there bc the author is trying to generate attention. I love discovering indie authors on the rise and helping people discover books they would otherwise not see. I try to make a point to read books not published by big publishers.

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  3. I dont always write a reviews either, but when I do, it can make me realized I disliked or even liked the book more than I originally thought. I do write reviews for a good majority of the books I read since it really helps me figure out my feelings towards the book.

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    • Sometimes, I hate writing reviews because it also makes me realize that the story is not as unique as the others, but since the author’s way of writing it is effective, it makes me enjoy it.


  4. I totally agree with you! Writing reviews isn’t just helpful for everyone but it’s also kinda fun. Haha. However writing a review for every book we read can get a little difficult. ❤ Anyway, great post!

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