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Hello! I missed doing the bookish tag, so I decided to do this that I saw from Chelle’s Book Ramblings. Michelle said that she makes a little tweak on this tag that was created by Daniela in Prague. So, come on! I’ll do it now!



1) Where are you from, and what is your native language or languages?

I’m from the Philippines. My native languages are Filipino and English.

2) In what languages do you read books?

I read books written in English and Filipino, but I am more into English books.

3) Are there Book Blogs, Booktubers, Bookstagrammers in your native language and if so, what is the community like?

I know some book bloggers, and I’ve tried meeting and interacting with them once during an event. They were friendly, but I feel a little bit out-of-place because my taste in books is not the same with theirs. So, whenever they are discussing a book, I can’t say anything because I don’t know those books. I am familiar with the title and author, but not with the story.

4) If there is a Blogging Community in your native language, why did you decide to join the international one?

I like the international community. I have more friends there, and it’s easy to communicate with them, especially if we have the same interest in books.

5) Are there any struggles or challenges for you as a non-native English speaker?

It’s not that hard to get the books you want in my country, but if you are looking for a specific format and edition, it might be a little tight. And the price of books in my country is pricey compared to books in the US.

6) How do you get hold of English books?

We have a lot of bookstores in my country, and if the book you are looking for is not available, you can request if they can get you a copy. I do this by submitting a special order form, but this would take months sometimes before the book arrives. But, I can also buy online on Amazon or Book Depository.

7) What is the best thing about being part of the international community?

I’ve met awesome people who have the same interest as mine. I grow up in a family where no one likes to read a book, and only my classmates influenced me in reading books. So, it is really good to know and communicate with people who want to read too.

8) Do you follow or watch other international Booktube channels or Blogs?

Yes, of course. I follow a lot of book blogs, and I love reading their reviews and thoughts about anything book-related stuff. I’m not into following a booktube channels though.


And it’s done! I’m going to tag the following, and it’s okay if you will not do this.

Sofii at A Book, A Thought | Anushka at Living in Pages | Dini at dinipandareads

Chinyere at The Chaise & Lounge | Vivien at Pages of Wonderland

If you were not tagged, and if you feel doing this, do so and tag me so I could read your answers too!

Thanks for reading! Have a wonderful day!

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16 thoughts on “Bookish Tag: International Blogger Tag

    • This was created recently, in December 2018. I agree that this is a fun way of knowing how it is to be an international book blogger.


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