Thursday Talks: Why You Should Not Skip Ahead in a Book

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As a bookworm, there were times when I always skip ahead in a book. I literally just skip one paragraph or more, and I immediately find the part where dialogue was shown. I am doing it because I have a little patience on reading long details about the setting, characters or whatever those skipped paragraphs talked about but I promise that I’m trying to change that habit now.

Now, I thought about why I shouldn’t do it, and I have come up with a few reasons only.

Whenever I tried to do it, I know I’m missing most of the fun on reading a book. I know that it’s cheating. Cheating in a way that I just want to know already what will happen next to the story. Even if I know I won’t fully enjoy reading the book because of what I’ve been doing, I still do it because I hate the feeling of not knowing anything asap. I am the kind of reader that like spoilers, but most of the time, spoilers also makes me not to read the book because I already know what will happen. I guess that’s just me as a reader.

I’ve thought that doing it, I can already understand the story, but I guess I’m wrong. Why? It is because I’ve been missing some good part of the story. I’ve been missing details that give life on the story – a part of the book that will complete my journey together with the characters. It is the bits of the story that will aid me in understanding why the flow of the story was like that.

I’ve also considered that doing it makes me a little disconnected with the characters. I can’t understand them because I failed to read their thoughts about their situation, and I wasn’t able to get a taste of their own emotions. And this is something that I don’t want to happen. I tried to connect with the characters, so my reading experience would be fun.

Another thing, if I will be skipping some of those lines, I know that I won’t go back and read them unless there is a twist in a story that makes me shocked and I don’t know what had just happened so, the tendency is, I will find when and where it started and how. And it is a tedious task, especially if you are a book reviewer as you need to know what part of the story is good and what is not.

Lastly, if I will skip ahead in reading, I am wasting the effort of the author to write those details. If those words are not necessary, then they should not write it from the start. But, no, that must be why I still need to read it no matter how boring it is. If I want to understand the story, read it. If I want to connect with the characters, read it.

And these are the reasons I’m telling myself why I should not skip ahead in a book. Thank you for reading!

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Let’s Talk!

How about you? Do you ever skip a line or paragraph in a book? Do you think it is okay to do it? Why and why not?

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13 thoughts on “Thursday Talks: Why You Should Not Skip Ahead in a Book

  1. Great thoughts! I’m in the same boat that I don’t like reading spoilers in books, but I enjoy them at the same time. I love watching analysis videos about books, movies, and tv shows and those are always spoiler heavy. Sometimes they help me to find new media to enjoy and I’ve found some favorite books and authors that way, maybe I like the idea of not being as stressed about surprises or twists I’m not sure.

    I agree with you though that skipping parts of the book makes it disjointing and can ruin the immersion. I can understand if a book is boring, and in the past I would slog through them. Recently I’ve decided that if I have to force myself, maybe I should consider why I’m reading it at all and DNF it. I’m always surprised when I see reviews say that they skim or skip entire chapters – many of these reviews trash the book also. It just seemed so silly to me to not fully engage with the book, but if they felt the need to skip, maybe it wasn’t a very enjoyable book for them.

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    • Thank you! And, yes, I don’t want to be stressed with surprises and twists that I might not like.

      I agree. If you are not enjoying it anymore that you are always skipping a line, paragraph, or even a whole chapter, then you better DNF it and find another book that you will like.


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