A Reader’s Confession

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Hello, bookish people!

Today, I am gonna spew out the words that I’d like to say about myself. Well, it’s a weird thing I’ve been doing as a reader. I am not sure if any of you do this too or if you have a different kind of weirdness that you think you are doing that most bookworms won’t do.

So, here is the list that I’d like to confess:

  • If I’m really looking forward to a book, I will definitely read the last page or chapter to know what will happen in the story! I know. I know. I should not do it to avoid ruining the fun of discovering what will happen in it but, I can’t stop myself from doing so or else I’m going crazy in anticipation.
  • If the synopsis of the book sounds cliché, I will most likely not read it. I like to read something that will intrigue me or excites me. If I didn’t like the summary on its back, then it’s a no.
  • Before reading a book from a new author, I read the negative reviews about it. But, it won’t affect me from reading the book anyway. It’s just that I only want to know why they give it a low rating.
  • I have a love-hate relationship with cliffhangers. They sometimes kill me, but I also like it.
  • Hyped books sometimes don’t go into my READ-ASAP-TBR list. Well, it is because it makes me lose interest in it if a lot of people talks about it before I even got the chance to know what the book is all about. Same with the movies. But, after some years, I will read it if the hyped was gone.
  • I love spoilers. Don’t hate me for this but spoiling me will make me read the book more than not knowing if the plot is good or not.
  • I do judge the book by their covers. I love pretty covers, and it is one of my preferences in finding a book to buy and read when I’m in a bookstore. Of course, I still read a book even if the covers are not that enticing in my eyes.
  • I’m very OC in my books! I hate seeing any dirt, marks, or even folds in it! I treat them like my baby. But, I love to share them too so if you are going to borrow my babies, make sure to be careful in handling them. Or else.
  • I hate sad endings. I just can’t take it! Please, don’t recommend to me a book with a heart-wrenching story!
  • When reading, sometimes, I skipped some lines and go over the dialogue of the characters. Then after that, I’ll go back to where I skipped on. But I talked about not doing this anymore here: Why You Should Not Skip Ahead in a Book.
  • I smell my books! I know this is very common among us.

And I think that is all I want to confess to you! Thank you for reading!

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Are you doing some of the things in the list? Which one are you doing and which one is not? Do you have something to confess too? Let me hear it!

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