Thursday Talks: Three Kinds of Readers

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Have you thought that there are different kinds of readers out there? But, what I will only list are the three kinds of readers that I want to discuss. Well, I wanted to classify myself first before I explain further the other things that you should know about our kind on my next post.

So, let’s start now.

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What do I mean by this? These readers are the one who likes being prepared on what they will read. They are the people who have a reading list or TBR. Some use other means like using excel and such in organizing how they will read for each month. Some even like to join reading challenges or themed-readathon so they won’t need to think about how they will choose their next reads. The only downside to this is when they follow their strict schedule of reading a title, they can’t pick another book that they want to read.


These readers are those who pick their next read according to their mood. They are the ones who have no definite list of titles that they will need to read. They choose their next read depends on how they feel that day, what taste they have, what genres they feel like picking, and what they are looking for, or what they want to get into. They are very picky, and they randomly choose their next book. They are not good at being organized in their reading list.


I think you already know what does this mean. Yes, you can be organized and mood reader at the same time. But, I don’t know some readers who belong to this category. These people like to use their TBR when choosing their next read. They can also choose their next read depends on their mood. In short, they are very flexible. They can do both. If they can’t choose a book based on their mood, they can just look at their TBR to pick random titles. They are the readers that rarely have any problems in terms of choosing a book to read.

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So, there you are. Here are three kinds of readers. I am categorizing myself as a mood reader. Yes, I tried making TBR list, even using excel to schedule the books that I should read. But, I can hardly follow it. It is not easy on my part to not be able to follow something that I organized. That’s why I decided to not request some ARCs because I am afraid I won’t be able to read it and review it on time.

Next week, I will discuss the pros and cons of being a mood reader. I will talk on how it affects my reading experience. Thank you for reading!

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Let’s talk!

What kind of reader are you? How do you manage to find your next read based on your category? Can you share it below?

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21 thoughts on “Thursday Talks: Three Kinds of Readers

  1. I’m definitely a combo mood and organized reader!! I actually keep to a schedule because I have ARCs that are due and I like to read and review just before publish date but I also always leave room to pick up mood reads. I’ll just stick in a random book in my schedule aahaha. It messes me up but my moody self wouldn’t have it any other way!! ❤️

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    • I’m learning now to keep track of my ARCs since I don’t want to mess with the schedule with school works. So, I guess, in no time, I might become an organized yet moody reader lol.


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