Thursday Talks: How being a Mood Reader Affects My Reading Experience?

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On my previous post, I talked about the Three Kinds of Readers. And, I said that I’m the reader who based their next read on their mood. It is not easy to be one, especially if you are a reviewer with ARCs and books that need to be reviewed soon. I already tried having a TBR using the idea of a jar or box, but it is not working on me. So, in this post, I will discuss how being a moody reader affects my reading experience.

I will start with the one that gives me a negative reading experience of being a mood reader.

HARD TO STICK TO ONE BOOK AT A TIME. Being a mood reader makes it hard for us to stay on reading one book at a time. Why? Because there is a time when our mood will let us read a fantasy, then after an hour or so, we will suddenly crave for a romance novel, and after that, we will like some thriller and mystery. It affects me in enjoying a book without any interruptions.

I READ MULTIPLE BOOKS BEFORE PICKING ONE TO READ. Yeah, it can take me long before I settle on one book because I read the first few pages of the book before deciding to read it all. And of course, if my mood will change and my mind is not in the book I picked, I will need to try other books again before finding the one I want to read. This is frustrating because I’m wasting my time choosing what to read next. It is hard to decide which book will suit my mood.

IT IS RARE FOR US TO READ A BOOK IN ONE SITTING. If the book is really great, then it would take us a day or two to finish reading that book. The narration must be excellent for us to experience this rare occurrence in our life as a mood reader. Most of the time, it takes us to finish a book a little bit long because aside from our mood, we also have the tendency to have two or more currently reading titles.

WE HAVE MORE THAN ONE BOOK IN OUR CURRENT READ. If you are a mood reader, you have most likely more than one book in your current read. We read multiple books and, if our mood says to read it all, it is hard to decide which of our current reads should we finish first.

OUR TBR IS USELESS. Most of the time, creating a TBR is ineffective to us. If the book we like to read is not in it, most likely, we will find other books not listed on our tbr. Having TBR helps us to pick a book to read, but, in our situation, it is not. Well, sometimes, it is. We are very random. As for me, whenever I look in my TBR, most of the time, I can’t find a book to read in it. And it sucks. Even if I have more than a hundred titles in my TBR, I simply can’t find the book I want to read there.

I WILL READ THIS. I WILL NOT READ THIS. Well, being a mood reader will also mean that we are picky about reading a book. There will be a time when we are excited to read it then after either holding the book or reading the few pages, our interest will suddenly fade away. That’s why, sometimes, I don’t like to join the hype when a new release is announced because most of the time, we won’t read it as soon as we have access in reading it.

UNTOUCHED ARCS AND REVIEWS COPIES. Well, this one is what I considered the hardest part of being a book reviewer if you are a mood reader. We can’t get our hands to read an ARC ASAP if we don’t feel like reading it now. Most of the time, I’m only reading them if it is only a month or less before the review needs to be submitted. That’s why I am now only joining review-only blog tours of the books that I REALLY, REALLY want to read. Like, if the book is a sequel to the book, we really love, or it is written by our favorite author.

I WANT TO READ BUT I ALSO DON’T LIKE TO READ. Yes! I have this mood of wanting to read a book, but I also don’t feel like reading anything. There are days when I don’t even read any books at all. Maybe, this is the reason why I have book slumps. What I do when these days come, I tend to watch shows, movies, or anime.

BUDDY READ, READING CHALLENGES, READATHON ARE NOT FOR US. We will mostly fail in this kind of bookish event. If you are a mood reader, you don’t feel like having an assigned reading. You also don’t like to force yourself in reading something you don’t feel like reading. So, don’t expect us to fully commit when we try joining something like this. That’s why I only joined two challenges this year:

Of course, there are positive aspects of being a mood reader.

ACCIDENTALLY FINDING A GOOD BOOK. THIS. I find it much better if I will randomly pick a book that will suit my taste and mood. If it is not in my TBR, I have a higher chance of choosing a good read. And, I love it because it feels like I have found a treasure that others are yet to discover.

WE EXPLORE DIFFERENT GENRE. Another good side of being a mood reader. We can read any genre. We can pick and choose a book based on what our mood is. And our mood will determine what genre we should find our next read. This is great because we are open to reading any kind of books. Unlike the others, who only like to read a specific genre, we can choose any books as long as it can satisfy our mood on that day.

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There will always be pros and cons, no matter what kind of reader you are. As for mood reader, these are only a few of the list that affects our reading experiences. It might be good and bad depends on how you view it. But, so far, I find it more pleasant than annoying because I have the freedom to pick whatever I can read. I have the chances of finding hidden gem waiting to be discovered. Sometimes, it is sad to not be able to join the fun like themed-reading challenges, but there are still other ways for us to enjoy it.

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Let’s talk!

Are you also a mood reader? How do you think being one affects your reading experiences? Anything that you think you can add to the following list? If you are not, what do you think are the advantages of being not a mood reader?

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24 thoughts on “Thursday Talks: How being a Mood Reader Affects My Reading Experience?

  1. I’m such a mood reader and I was shocked at how I related to every single thing you mentioned in this post! I didn’t even realize that some of these had to do with my mood reading tendencies! For me, I like the fact that I have several current reads all in different genres because of my mood reading! Although it can be annoying when I start a fantasy book and then don’t get back into a fantasy mood for another 3 months!

    But I’m so happy to have find such a relatable post and to see that I am not alone in my mood reading ways! Great post! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you, Malka! And I agree with what you’ve said about not having a mood to read a certain genre. As for now, I’m currently not in the mood to read mystery even though it is one of my favorite genres.


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