My Blogging Advice on New Book Bloggers Series #1

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Hi, everyone!

Today, I am going to share some advice to new book bloggers out there. If you are also planning to start a book blog, you can also find this post helpful, hopefully. Most of the things that I will share here are based on my experience, and some of it is my way of managing this blog. For today’s advice, it is about your blog design and also the important blog features that you must have.

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What do I mean by this? If you already roam around your blog and already saw what the different widgets or things you can put in your sidebar or footer area, then you will realize that some of it is not really important to be there. You must choose which should be there and what should be okay to put on your blog page.


There are blogs that I’d like to follow, but the problem is, there are no ways to follow their blog. Social media accounts can be counted as a way of following the blog, but what if the person wants to be updated on your every post? He or she cannot always check all your SocMeds to know if you posted another content. So, don’t forget to have a follow button or subscription form on your blog.


When I say homepage, this is the first thing that every visitor of your blog will see. Most of the time, it will give us the impression of what your blog and contents are like. Even if your contents are great, but if your homepage looks chaotic, the visitors will most likely think the same about your posts.


It is important to have a page where you can introduce yourself and what your blog is all about. Blog policy is also essential, especially if you are accepting book review request from authors/publishers. Then, a contact page where they can contact you in case they want to request anything or simply give feedback about your blog.


This is the area above or on your sidebar where the visitors can navigate your blog contents. About Me/Us, Blog Policy, and Contact Page are some you can put in there. Some book blogs also put the list of their Book Review and other blog features that they have. Remember to only include in the menu the important pages of your blog that will show the visitors what they can find in your blog.


Another thing that you must include in your blog. Don’t forget to put a search function where the visitors can search your blog for your specific post.


This only shows a summary of your post. When you use this, the post itself won’t cover a lot of space on your homepage; thus, it is easier for the visitors to see what are the other contents available on your blog.

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This is the first part of my blogging tips, trick, etc. that I hope will be useful for the aspiring book bloggers. I will post more advice on the upcoming days.

Let’s talk! Do you find this post helpful? Do you have other tips that you want to share?

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