Monthly Wrap-Up for July 2019

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Hello! I hope you are having a good day!

Ahh! It’s the end of the month again, and many things had happened. This last week, I’m kind of sick because of my left ear. I got a wound in it, and it hurts as if I have a toothache. But, it’s healing now, and I’m thankful because it keeps me from using my phone and computer and have some rest for my eyes.

Anyway, for this month’s wrap-up, let’s have a look back on what I posted for this month. Let’s start with book reviews and my review on each book.

So far, I was able to write a full review of four books, and a mini-review for the book I’ve read during #TropeAthon. It’s not bad considering, I’m busy with other personal stuff. As for the books I’ve read, but I haven’t posted the reviews yet, I am still writing them so they will be up next month, or if the book is part of a blog tour, then on my scheduled date.

Well, even though I am having difficulty in joining read-a-thon and committing myself to the TBR I created for it, I still join one, which is #TropeAthon, and here is the TBR I created. I didn’t really read them because as a mood reader, it’s difficult for me to stay on what I’ve planned to read. If you haven’t read my recap for this read-a-thon, you can read it here.

Next, Let’s move to my Thursday Talks. Unlike last month, I was able to post only three discussion post for this month. I’ve been kind of lazy to finish writing the drafts I have for all the topics I want to talk about but, for this week, I was done with discussion post for next month. Here are the discussion posts that I posted this month:

Then I did some fun bookish tags too! *If you want to be tagged on the upcoming tags, please tell me in the comment section*

And I already start another feature which will be about the blogging stuff that might be helpful when starting as a new book blogger. Most of it is based on my experience, and what I mostly notice around the community. So far, I have written two blogging advice, and I’m still working on the other advice which I’m planning to post next month.

I also posted some other stuff like a bookish spotlight and release blitz. There are a few guest post too from the authors.

And the best part of this month is me sharing the news about the award that this blog has got this year, and that is being part of Top 300 Book Review Blogs!

Oh! Before I forgot, I also started my bookstagram this a few days ago, and I’m still figuring out what theme I’ll be doing so excuse the pictures already posted there hehe.

Final Thoughts

And, we are done doing a recap of what I did post this month. As usual, I’m thanking everyone who I’ve met in this community. Without you, my blogging experience will be boring because I won’t have someone to talk to with all the books I’ve been reading, and I’ll read in the future.

And for the heads up, my classes will start on August 12, so it means I’ll be having a tight schedule again. Wish me to have more time to schedule stuff here on my blog, and of course, you can still talk to me on Twitter – the only SocMed where I’m currently active.

Thank you, everyone! Have an amazing day!

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