How to Add an Exclusive Shelf on Goodreads?

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Hello, bookworms!

I’m supposed to have a Thursday Talk today, but since I’m not yet done writing it, I decided to post another instead. Today, I’d like to make a simple guide on how to add an exclusive shelf on Goodreads. When I speak of the shelf, this is the Read, Currently Reading, and Want to Read shelf that we initially have on our Goodreads account. But, what if I want to add the book on another shelf, and I don’t want it to be on Want to Read shelf? Before, I can only add an unexclusive shelf that acts like tags on the books that I’m reading, but I discovered that I can make my own shelf which is better because there are books that I want to be specifically saved on a shelf that I want.

Now, how can we create another shelf aside from the three default shelves? I will show it in two ways – using a computer or laptop and using a mobile phone. Let’s start with the computer or laptop first.

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Step 1: Go to and login in your account. Once you are already in, click on My Books which is located on the top left side beside Home.

Step 2: You will be directed to this page (see image below), and on the left side again, you will see the edit button beside the word Bookshelves. Click it.

shelf 01.png

Step 3: Now, you will again be directed on this page (see image below), and what you need to do is to add a new shelf by writing the shelf name on the box (see the arrow.)

shelf 02.png

Step 4: Once you added a new shelf, your page will be refreshed. Now, I need to look for the shelf I created, which I named An Example Only. If you found the shelf that you added, what you only need to do is to check the box on the right side of it.

But wait! There are 5 boxes that you can tick off, which one should I check?

You only need to check the fourth one under exclusive. (see image below)

Shelf 03.png

Before we go to step 5, you can see on the right side the Bookshelf Tips. You can read it to know more what does each category with tick boxes is all about.

Step 5: If step 1-4 are all done, you can now scroll down and click the I’m Done button.

Shelf 04.png

And that’s it! You already created your exclusive shelf! You can now move the books from the Want to Read shelf to any shelf that you added.


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Step 1: Go to your Goodreads app.

gr app 01

Step 2: Once already opened, you will see that there are two tabs – UPDATES and MY BOOKS. Click on MY BOOKS, and you will be shown something like the image below.

gr app 02.jpg

Step 3: Now, scroll down, and you will see the button that says +Create a new tag or shelf. Click that button.

gr app 03.jpg

Step 4: Once clicked, you need to select the shelf instead of a tag. Enter the shelf name you want and click save.

gr app 04.jpg

You now have your exclusive shelf like the default shelves!

Divider 08.png

Question: If I added a new book under the exclusive shelf I created, will the book be added too on Want To Read shelf?

Answer: No, it is added exclusively on that shelf.

Divider 09.png

Question: I want my other shelf to be an exclusive shelf. If I checked the box under exclusive, what will happen to the books under that shelf?

Answer: The books under the shelf which you changed to be an exclusive shelf will be removed from other mutually exclusive shelved that you have like Want to Read and Currently Reading shelves. *using computer or laptop only*

Divider 08.png

If you have any question about this guide or anything, I’m willing to answer it. Enjoy moving or adding new books on your exclusive shelf!

Thank you for reading my simple guide about creating an exclusive shelf on Goodreads! Have a good day, everyone!

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15 thoughts on “How to Add an Exclusive Shelf on Goodreads?

  1. Great guide! I actually just added an exclusive shelf today! I made it the dnf shelf, as I had previously been rating my dnfs – which obviously stopped now due to the exclusive shelf – for some reason I thought I couldn’ have a dnf on exclusive and another shelf 🤦🏻‍♀️


  2. You explains it so nicely! Also quite amazing that you included both via computer AND mobile.

    Ithink I only have one other exclusive shelf other than the defaults, which is my dnf shelf 😂 idont want them to be in « read » because technically it isn’t… and i don’t want them in tbr/wanna read/currently reading either.

    Liked by 1 person

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