Thursday Talks: How Do You Organize Your Bookshelf?

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Today, for Thursday Talks, I want to talk about the ways how bookworms can organize their bookshelf. Well, I have a tiny shelf, and I’m hoping to get a bigger one once our house is renovated. And such will probably happen after I graduate from college – four semesters from now. And, I’m kind of jealous that I still can’t have pretty huge bookshelves because there’s no space in my room to put them. But, anyway, I talked to some online friends a few days ago, and we had this topic about how we organize our bookshelf because some of them want to change how they do theirs. And, I had an idea to write this post, hoping that others will find this and help them decide how they will organize their bookshelf.

We all know that everyone has their own way of organizing a bookshelf. There are the usual ways, and of course, the unusual one which I find amazing because there are some bookworms who don’t follow the typical ways of organizing the bookshelf. Check out the list below and tell me which of the following have you tried and which are not yet.

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  • Alphabetically
    • This is very common, ain’t it? You can arrange your books alphabetically either by the title or the author.
  • Height
    • I do this, most of the time. I like arranging my books by their height. From the tallest first to the shortest one.
  • Size
    • And, of course, when I also arrange my books by height, I also consider their sizes. You can start by putting the bigger books first into the shelf or with smaller ones.
  • Genre
    • Some people have a shelf for a specific genre. They like to know which of their books are classified as a mystery, fantasy, romance, and etc. They can also organize it by putting a specific genre starting from top to bottom.
  • Color
    • This is very famous too. You can either do a rainbow-colored shelf, or you can organize the books by the darker shades to lighter ones, or otherwise.
  • Topics
    • Most of the library has this way of arrangement in their books. They classify the books by topic or category. Is it a religious book? Is it about Philosophy? How about books that talk about a certain subject like Math and Science? Is the book fiction or non-fiction?
  • Stacking the Series
    • Some also do this. They stack some books if it is part of a series. Or you can also stack them by using the other given ways in this post – by color, genre, size, etc.
  • Chronological (Publication Date)
    • You can organize the books based on the order of when they went out in the market.
  • Preference
    • What I mean by preference is to arrange your books from your favorite to least favorite. Which books do you like and which one do you dislike?
  • Publisher
    • I’m not sure if many bookworms do this – arranging your books based on the publisher.
  • Format
    • Is it hardbound? Paperback? Then do you prefer to arrange your books in that way? If yes, then you do it by format.
  • Edition
    • Not very common but there are a few who arrange their books by edition. If it is the first edition, collector’s edition, etc.
  • Personal Significance
    • For this one, you can arrange the book based on how important that book is to you. Even how it affects you emotionally.
  • Read and To-Read
    • You can also organize your books by these two options. Have you read it already or not? You can also add a DNF one if you still keep those books even if you didn’t finish reading it and of course, if it’s okay for you to DNF a book.
  • Theme
    • Well, for this one, you can have a theme and organize your books based on it. You can also use the given ways in this post to do this.
  • Standalone or Series
    • Another way to arrange your book is to separate the standalone to books in a series.
  • Cover
    • You can also arrange them if you prefer doing it, by their covers. Put the most liked pretty covers first, then the least liked ones.
  • Random
    • If you don’t like organizing and you don’t care how you arrange those books, then you can randomly put them in a shelf.

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And those are the different ways to organize your bookshelf! I always do mine by height, size, and format. Sometimes, I also arrange them by standalone and series. If I have a bigger shelf, I’ll try organizing them by colors – from my favorite colors then to the least liked colors.

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Let’s talk!

How do you organize your bookshelf? Do you have other ways of arranging the books on your shelf? If so, comment it below!

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