How to Get Back Into Reading After a Slump | A Guest Post by Osasere

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We’ve all been there. Heck, half of the time instead of reading a book, we are stuck to our phones, scrolling through twitter. Once you stop something, reading in this case, it’s hard to start it again. How long has it been since you’ve picked up a book? Never fear, I am here with some solutions to help get you out of your slump!

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Reread an Old Favorite!

Everyone has that one book that latched onto their heart and inspired a love for reading. Go back and read some of those books that made you like reading in the first place. Try checking out some other books by the author of your favorite or some books that are similar! Goodreads is great for this. Follow your favorites and see what type of books they review. Also, try looking through the thousands of lists that are on Goodreads that are arranged by a similar theme or genre.

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Try a New Genre

It’s kind of like swinging, but for books! If you keep reading the same type of genre over and over again, you may get tired of it. There are patterns within genres that tend to repeat themselves. If you keep seeing them, the suspense will be lost, and you may lose interest in reading. Read a book you would never be caught checking out at the library. Reading something outside of your literary norm will be eye-opening and thrilling. If you usually read romance, try horror. If you are a sucker for realistic fiction, try fantasy!

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Get a Reading Buddy

Doing anything with a friend is always better and more fun than doing it alone. Pick a book that you could read with a friend and frequently talk about the book as you progress through it. Join a book club at your local library. If you are in college, see if there is a book club or literary lover club that you could join. When you are surrounded by other people who also enjoy reading, their love for reading can become contagious and reignite yours!

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Get Off of Twitter

Twitter, although we all love it, is a huge time sink. It’s hard to crack open a book when you’re stuck scrolling through Twitter. Turn off your phone when its time for you to read. If you don’t, you may find yourself subconsciously reaching for your phone after you finish turning the page. If you really want to dedicate yourself to a book, delete Twitter and any other apps that usually distract you until you finish a book.

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The next time you find yourself putting off reading a book that has been on your “to-read” list, try using some of these tips to help get you back into your reading grove! Once you get back into reading, you’ll remember why you used to do it so often. Then, it’ll be like you never put books down in the first place!

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About Osasere

My name is Osasere Ewansiha! I am a book reader and lover from Texas. I am currently pursuing an Associate’s degree in Communications. It is my dream to one day become an author!

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What do you do if you are in a reading slump? Let us know in the comments!

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