Monthly Wrap-Up for August 2019

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Happy Sunday!

Today, let’s take a look back on what we have posted here on my blog and have some updates on what I’m working on, and maybe some updates on me.

Let’s start with the books I’ve read and reviewed. So far, I was only able to publish four book reviews this month – one was a manga adaptation and three ARCs in which two of it is part of a blog tour.

Next, I did three bookish tags this month, and I had fun answering them! If you also like to do it, you can check it out and consider yourself tagged!

As for the Thursday Talks, I wasn’t able to finish my drafts which I’m supposedly planning to be posted this month. Having no laptop was difficult because I’m already used to having it with me even if I’m in school. So now, I’m only using the computer at the house to write and post here in my blog. And going back, I only have one post for Thursday Talks.

I also have two posts that are not part of my regular blog features.

I wrote the first one because there is someone who is asking for help on how to have their shelf aside from the default ones on Goodreads. So, I did a guide on how to do it. And for the second post, I compiled all the recommendations to me by my bookish friends, and I’m thinking of doing a second part where I will also include the books other have also recommended to me. If you want to recommend a book, standalone and series, to me, please comment it below.

Then, I also joined the Top 5 Series every Saturday, which Mandy from Devouring Books was hosting. So far, here are my Top 5 books/series from each given themes:

Also, three awesome people wrote a guest post for my blog. Thank you Pavani, Osasere, and Brigid for writing these awesome posts! Check out what they write, and I hope you enjoyed reading them!

Moreover, I had dinner with two Filipino book bloggers too! This is my third time to meet-up with Pam [Pam Who Cried Books] and of course, my first meeting with Angela [Hiding Behind Books Blog]! We went to SΓ­lantro Fil-Mex Cantina to grab some nachos, beef quesadillas for Pam and me, and a burrito for Angela.

Good Dog Event

Lastly, one of the best thing that happened this month is, again, being invited to attend a PH Book Launch and a chance to have a one-on-one interview with the author, Mabek Kawsek. I’m planning to have the book review of Good Dog published around September.

Final Thoughts

And we’re done looking back in my blog posts this month! I’m feeling a little bit inactive on doing some blog posts because our school had just started and I already have some professors who like seeing their students buried under the school works they are giving. Ahhhhh!

Anyway, I’m still working on my other blog contents which I’m planning to post, hopefully, this September like the series #3 of my blogging advice where I’m going to talk about blogging ideas. Then, I’m also working on my Thursday Talks that are connected with one another. I’m thinking if I should have three or four of it connected. I also hope to post more book reviews this month despite my hectic school schedule.

Thank you again, everyone, for staying with me. I know I’m not having enough blog hopping this August, but I’ll try my best to check out your posts this month. I hope you also pray that my professors will be struck with an arrow which aims to let them know that there are students who also want to have time reading books and they will be nice to unload some of our school works. *cries silently*

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18 thoughts on “Monthly Wrap-Up for August 2019

  1. It’s so awesome that you got to meet some book bloggers in real life! I feel like I know some book bloggers so well because of talking on the internet all the time and I would love to meet some in person.

    Also, I am loving having you join every week for Top 5 Saturday! I hope that you continue joining! It’s been a lot of fun so far!

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