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Hi! It’s Bookish Tag Day again! Thank you Chelsie from Crazy4Books for tagging me on this tag! She created this book tag back April 13, 2018, on Books Amino. Now that a year has passed, she decided to redo this and post a new version. This tag is all about picking a different fictional character for your very own court. Now, let’s get it on, shall we?


1. Kingdom: Every Court Needs a Kingdom

What Fictional World Would You Rule Over?

There are many great kingdoms to choose from, and I don’t know which one to choose! But, going back to my read list, I guess I haven’t seen a kingdom that I want to rule yet. So, I’ll leave this blank for now.

2. Consort: Life At The Top Can Get Lonely

Pick Your Partner in Crime (Book Crush)

I want, ahm, can’t I pick more than one? *wicked smile* Anyway, for now, I’ll choose Trystan from Amid the Stars and Darkness by Chani Lynn Feener.

3. Heir: Someone Needs to Keep Your Legacy Going

Pick a Royal Character Who Deserves to Rule After You

I’ll skip answering this one. I can’t find a noble character that deserves to rule after me lol.

4. Royal Guard: Being a Ruler Comes With Many Dangers

Pick a Character You Trust To Have Your Back

Oh! I know that Winston from What Lies Within by James Morris [My Review] would always have my back! Just like with Shelley, I know he will always be at my back even if I already did my best to stay away from him to keep him safe.

5. Adviser: Its Nice to Have Someone to Blame When Things Go Wrong

Pick a Character Who Usually Has Great Advice

There is one character that I always remember when it comes to advising. It was Nan from Someday by Liz Lovelock. [My Review]

6. Spy Master: Secrets Can Make or Break a Kingdom

Pick a Character Who Would Be Great At Discovering Nefarious Plots and Gathering Leverage On Your Enemies

Ahhh! I don’t know who to write for this one! Maybe, I’ll pick Guts from the manga, Berserk by Kentaro Miura.

7. Diplomat: You Need Someone to Make Favorable Trade Deals, or Perhaps Prevent a War

Pick a Character Who’s Great At Convincing/Manipulating Others

I’ll go with Einn from Ignite the Stars Duology by Maura Milan. [Review Book One | Two]

8. General: Sometimes War Is Inevitable

Pick a Strategic Character to Defend Your Kingdom and Lead Your Army

I think Annabeth Chase from Percy Jackson Series by Rick Riordan is perfect for defending my kingdom and leading my army. She’s the daughter of Athena, the Greek Goddess of Wisdom and War anyway.

9. Court Magician: When Brutal Force Doesn’t Work, Magic is the Answer

Pick a Character With Useful Power

I’m choosing Catori from Rose Petal Graves by Olivia Wildenstein. [Review for Book One|Two] I’m not saying why her, so you need to read the book if you are curious why I chose her.

10. Stable Master: All Life Must Flourish In Your Kingdom

Pick an Animal Companion

Alaskan Malamute.jpg

An animal as a companion… I’m picking an Alaskan Malamute dog. I love dogs, and I think they would be perfect as a companion.

11. Court Jester: Life As a Ruler Can Get Stressful

Pick a Book/Character That Made You Laugh

Whenever I was asked for a character that made me laugh, I always remember Peeves from Harry Potter Series by J.K. Rowling. He was really annoying if I’m the character he was playing with, but since I’m not those characters, I find him ridiculous for doing those things and stuff hahaha!

12. Usurper: There Will Always Be Someone After Your Throne

Pick a Villain Who Would Make a Worthy Opponent

I think Lilliana from the Captivate Me Series by S. J. Pierce, an evil witch, would be a worthy opponent. [Review Book One | Two | Three]

13. Nobles: The Courts Life Blood

Who Do You Tag?

Roo from ByThe100thPageย | Deborah from DG Readsย | Crystal from Lost in Storyland

Vivien from Pages of Wonderland | Sophie from Sophie Jo’s Bookshelf


This is a great tag! Thanks again Chelsie for making this tag!!! To anyone I didn’t tag, consider yourself tagged and don’t forget to link it back to Chel and me, so we can check your answers too!

Thank you for reading and have an awesome Tuesday!

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16 thoughts on “Bookish Tag: My Royal Court Book Tag

  1. Ohh that’s a nice one ! I had characters in mind for *most* of the prompts.. so I may steal this ! ahah

    I sadly don’t know the characters you mentionned.. but a dog is always the best as a companion! I’m however choosing a dachshund instead, ahah!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I laughed out so loudly when I saw Peeves because gosh I remember thinking that he was super funny too. I havenโ€™t read many of the books youโ€™ve picked from but your piqued my curiosity for sure.

    Lovely tag, Alys!

    Liked by 1 person

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