Random Burst #01

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I’m bringing back my Random Burst again. This feature was all about me as a bookworm, a student, or anything else. Lately, I become busy again because the classes have started on the 14th of August, and I have two majors this semester which makes it hard for me to focus on my blog. Anyway, I’m still trying to figure out the best time for me to do blog posts and read books while also studying for my course subjects. I will also try my best to blog hop at least once a week because I still want to be updated on you guys.

Today, I’d like to announce, which I wasn’t able to add on my Monthly Wrap-Up for August, that I was interviewed by my fellow book bloggers and I also have guest posts that you can read on the blog of those awesome bloggers who let me have a spot on their blog.

Let’s start first with the interviews with me.

Chasity asked me ten questions and each question are related to my experiences as a reader and blogger. She also asked me something about my personal life and how it contributed to my bookish life. You can read my interview on her amazing blog,  ITY Reads Books.

Emily, one of my close (online) bookworm friends, interviewed me too! She started a new series on her blog, wherein it also features advice from her favorite book blogger. I’m glad that I was able to do it with her! You can read my interview on her gorgeous blog, Emily the Book Nerd.

Then, let’s get with my guest post on my fellow book bloggers’ blog.

Kat started The Bibliosmile Project, and I’m glad to participate in it. You can read my post on her lovely blog, Novels & Waffles, and also, you can read more information about the project there if you are interested in submitting yours.

Osasere already posted my guest post on her blog! I wrote it hoping that everyone, especially the book bloggers, won’t forget to show themselves some love. I thought of it because of our busy schedules, and we might forget to have some rest and have fun for a while. You can read about it on her amazing blog, Spill the Tale.

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And that’s it! Thank you to Chasity and Emily for interviewing me. Also, a great thanks to Kat and Osasere for giving me a spot on your blog to share something for your readers.

I’m always open to doing more of this kind of post in the future. And, my blog is still open for anyone who would like to guest post here. Just send me an email at alysinbookland09@gmail.com to talk about it with me.

Thanks, everyone, and have a great day!

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