Thursday Talks: Are Hyped Books Worth Reading?

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Hi everyone! How are you all?

For today’s Thursday Talks, I want to use the topic I talked about on a website where I’m a contributor and which I’ve posted way back 2016. I decided to write about it again because I think I need to fix some points I discussed in that post.

Now, what is this discussion all about? It is about hyped books and if reading them is worth your time.

Reading reviews about a book on every social media accounts you have, and hearing about it from your bookish friends will make that book grab your attention. Most of the time, I’m tempted to read them too and see why they like it that much. I will also add it to my TBR as soon as I saw that it must be great because everyone is talking about it! But, as usual, most of it ends up on the other side of my expectation – not liking it and loving it like the others.

We all have these bookish friends in real life or online who always tell us and encourage us to buy a copy of this or that book because they keep on obsessing how good it was! They sometimes exaggerate the way they talk about it just to make us interested in reading it. But, the question is, are you really interested in reading it?

I tried reading before the hyped books that I always see everywhere on my social media accounts. I already read a number of it, and most of it ends up on my DNF piles. It is not because they are awful to read, but it just didn’t click with my taste in books. Those books are great in their own way, and it just happened that many people loved it, and which, unfortunately, didn’t make me love it too.

Some of the reasons why I didn’t like hyped books are because of the way the author narrates the story, the tone is monotonous, the characters have poor development, and inconsistency of some elements like plot and settings. For the series where I read all of the books in it, I noticed that I only liked the first book and the rest is okay or not to my liking. Well, some of it seemed rushed, or the author didn’t know how to continue the story anymore. And also, sometimes, I liked the author’s way of writing the story, but, the story is not that interesting and enjoyable.

With my experiences with hyped books, it makes me see that not because everyone likes it, I will also like it. It won’t guarantee you a good read even if they are popular. Some of it even became popular not because they are really that great, but because the marketing of the said books is good.

Moreover, I am not saying that hyped books are bad either. Some really deserved to be hyped. There are hyped books that will always be on top even if many years already passed by. An example is the Harry Potter Series by J.K. Rowling, where it still makes a buzz around the world.

So, what do I do if I see a book being hyped up? I mostly put them on another shelf that I have on my mind – “read-when-hyped-is-gone.”

Anyway, it doesn’t mean that I don’t read hyped books because it really depends on how those books piqued my interest. If it really sounds appealing, then I will read it asap. Though, I’m trying my best to read a book that is not that hyped up because finding an undiscovered gem is really satisfying and it’ll make you special that you are one of the people who read it first. And, it makes you want to talk about it and share it to everyone so they’ll enjoy it too.

Going back, are hyped books worth reading?

Well, I don’t have an exact answer to that question because it depends on us whether we will deem it worthy or not. Don’t forget that we are also one of the people who make books hyped or not. You can’t blame other people if you disliked some hyped books, and they can’t criticize you too if the books you recommended didn’t meet their expectations. Everyone has their own taste, preferences, and of course, reading experience. A piece of simple advice. Just keep on exploring the book world and find new books that you will enjoy reading. Don’t let the others affect your decision on whether to read the book you picked or not. Just like what I always say in my reviews, I might not like the story, but others might love it, so I still recommend it.

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Let’s Talk!

Have you tried reading a book because everyone has been talking about it? Have you read a book because your friends highly recommend it? What about your experience of reading it? Did it meet your expectations or it just let you down? Do you think hyped books are worth reading?

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18 thoughts on “Thursday Talks: Are Hyped Books Worth Reading?

  1. Such a good post ! You have good points, I specially like how you end it by not having a specific answer to this question ; because yeah, we DO are the ones making the hype – and in the end it depend on each of our individuals tastes.

    I am SO guilty of this XD Look at how I claim my love everywhere for The Sovereign Serie (though this one is not as hyped as it should) and Eliza & her Monster..
    I think i’m pretty good on that side concerning hype books – I know what I like *most of the time*, so even if the hype for a book is really loud; if it’s not my taste and i’m mostly “erhh” about it.. I won’t read it xD Exemples here are Six of crows, Hunger Games and Harry Potter.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you! I’m also guilty when I’m hyping a book to everyone haha! I hope people would read what they really want and not because it is what everyone is talking about. It’s nice to know you have an idea with what you really want to read.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. This happens to me all the time. I follow a lot of bookstagrammers and I fall into the trap of these hyped books. I do realize that many of those folks are paid to advertise these new books. I am with you – a lot of times I read them and don’t like them nearly as much as the bookstragrammers claim they did, or even my friends say they liked them. I do think a lot of times it is down to taste.

    Liked by 1 person

    • That’s why I only trust some blogger friends when it comes to recommendations because I know that they won’t let me down like the others. 😁 But, of course, I still check if the other bloggers’ recommendation is okay.


  3. There are some hyped up books that make me want to give them a chance but then they’re such a let down like Harry Potter (I know unpopular opinion) and grisha & six of crows. But there’s also hyped up books I’ve ended up really enjoying like ACOTAR, Shadowhunter chronicles and Rick Riordan books. Then there are hyped books that make me very exited and I add them to my TBR but later realize that I’m not interested in reading them after all. So, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with hyped up books as long as you think you’re end up enjoying them. I’m so glad I gave Carry On a chance even though I wasn’t planning on reading at first. I mean I didn’t like the fanfiction parts in Fangirl and I knew it was Harry Potter fanfiction.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I understand that each of us has a different taste in books. So, it is okay if you didn’t like something others loved and otherwise. I didn’t like Carry On. Maybe I’ll try it again some other time.


  4. Over recent months a lot of the books I’ve read have come from Netgalley so they’ve pretty much all been hyped at some point or another. With quite a few I can understand why they’ve been so well received and the rapture is well deserved, others um…not so sure. Personally I would never read a book just because others say it’s good, if it sounds like it would appeal to me then I’ll read it but never simply because it’s flavour of the month in the blogging world.

    I usually read others’ reviews to get a bit more idea of what the book is about rather than just the publishers blurb. That isn’t always possible on Netgalley if it has only just been listed so then I take a chance if it sounds *really* good.

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  5. Hmm, to be honest I read more niche books than the hyped ones? I enjoy finding hidden gems, I guess. I’m not saying I don’t read hyped books at all but I’m also picky about them just as I am with other books so there must be something else beyond the hype that appeals to me.
    Plus, I’m a mood reader so I don’t necessarily read them *during* the hype 😅😂
    That’s an interesting topic though! Thanks for making me think about it ☺

    Liked by 1 person

  6. This is a great topic, Aly! 🙂 I personally think that what makes hyped books not worth it is personal preference. I’ve read hyped books that didn’t live up to MY expectation and I’ve hyped books that didn’t live up to OTHER’s expectations. There are some instances where the hype is making me not want to read it (*coughs* Sarah J. Maas books).

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