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Hi, bookworms! It’s me again with a new Christmas-related bookish tag! The Christmas Book Bloggers Tag was created by Trish from Between My Lines.

Now, let’s do it!

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What is your favorite Christmas scene in a book?

None as of now. I haven’t read many Christmas books to remember which scenes are my favorites. If it is a movie, I can say what scenes.

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Do you have any Christmas book traditions?

I don’t have any. I hope of having one. Can you give me an idea of what tradition I should have? LOL!

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Which do you prefer to get as a present: book vouchers or books?

It depends. I can use book vouchers to buy the books I really want and I also like receiving books as a gift that the giver thinks I’ll love.

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Do you give books as presents?

Yes, I do. I mostly give books to my godchildren. I love seeing most of them read what I give them, and soon see them as bookworms like me.

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What bookish item is on your Christmas wishlist?

I want mugs with designs inspired by my favorite books. I also like clothes like shirts and socks with prints inspired also by my favorite books.

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What 3 books would you love Santa to have in his sack for you?

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Melophobia by James Morris, The Grace Year by Kim Liggett, and Goth by Otsuichi.

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Fake Christmas tree or real Christmas tree?

What do you mean by this? LOL! Does a real Christmas tree mean using a real tree? If yes, then our Christmas tree is fake. But, for convenience, I will choose the fake Christmas tree.

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What’s your favorite thing about Christmas?

Food. Yeah, I know that I can eat on other dates but during this season, my mom would cook A LOT of dishes! And I love to eat!

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What Christmas book would you recommend?

I haven’t read many Christmas books. I don’t even know and sure if what Christmas book I already read. But, I’m familiar with some and its stories.

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What dish on your Christmas menu are you most looking forward to?

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I want to give more than one dish. I am looking forward to eating garlic butter shrimp, leche flan, and chicken alfredo pasta.

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When do you open your Christmas presents?

Sometimes, I open them and check what items I’ve got as soon as I receive them. But, most of the time, I open them on the 25th.

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What’s your favorite Christmas song?

There is this one song that I always listen to during the Christmas season and it is Santa Tell Me by Ariana Grande! *heart*

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Are you dreaming of a white Christmas?

Yessss! I haven’t experienced a white Christmas yet because of the weather we have here in my country. I’d like to experience building a snowman and have a snow fight with my friends and family.

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3 thoughts on “Bookish Tag: The Christmas Book Bloggers Tag

  1. Aww, I hope you do get to experience a white Christmas — I’d give you one of mine with pleasure! I’m so tired of snow.. on the other hand, it would be so wierd and special for me to have a green Christmas!

    That chicken Alfredo pasta looks so good there.. a tradition food of ours is a Crab Dip! 😄 Just gotta have one, every year without fail; good with chips, or crackers, or literally anything, really ahaha

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