Thursday Talks: Written Notes Inside the Book, Yay or Nah?

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During the Christmas season, many of us either gift someone a book or receive one instead. I feel happy whenever I receive a book because I appreciate that the person knows what I want to receive as a gift, and I know that almost all bookworms would also feel that way. I even appreciate it more if there are special messages included in the gift like those personalized Christmas cards and sticky notes.

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A few weeks ago, I saw someone’s tweet wherein in the image, the book has a long message written on the front page of the book. I also saw various comments about it. Some people like the message and how they found it sweet. Some didn’t like receiving a book with anything written inside it. While some like both, but it depends on the book and who will write a message on it.

As for me, I can be considered as the person who likes receiving personalized notes in it. I like to see either a short or long message in my book, especially if the person who will write it is the author or someone I really know. It is understandable if that is the case, right? Who wouldn’t like having the book signed by the author with a special message just for you? And who wouldn’t love that the person you know gives you also a special message with the book he/she has given to you? Personal dedication is also touching and simply sweet, in my opinion. Though, I might hate it only if the penmanship is awful to the point that you can’t read what was written. But, even still, it is the thought and the message in it that counts, right?

Moreover, I think if there are people who don’t like having the message written inside the book, maybe, the person who wants to leave a message can do it on another paper and just insert it inside the book. That way, the receiver won’t have any problem with liking the message and hating that it was written on the book page. Anyway, people don’t have the same preferences. Like those who commented on the tweet, some don’t want to receive a message inside the book, while some would love it. So, I will accept their opinions about it, because, at the end of the day, we are all still bookworms.

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Do you like leaving personal notes in the books you give?

Do you like receiving one also?

What is your opinion regarding the written messages on the book page?

Are you okay with it, or you don’t like your book having notes inside it?

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14 thoughts on “Thursday Talks: Written Notes Inside the Book, Yay or Nah?

  1. I love written messages in books, but then I also write in my books myself. I can understand that if you’re the kind of person who keeps their books spic ‘n span you wouldn’t appreciate a written message. Writing on a separate piece of paper is probably safest, then the receiver can tape it in or use it as a bookmark if they like.

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  2. I don’t really like when people write in books! I can deal with the front page being inscribed, but I’d rather someone use another sheet of paper to leave notes in books (because notes are a cute idea, but writing in books drive me crazy!)

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