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BW Synopsis

When Amaya rescues a mysterious stranger from drowning, she fears her rash actions Scavenge the Stars by Tara SImhave earned her a longer sentence on the debtor ship where she’s been held captive for years. Instead, the man she saved offers her unimaginable riches and a new identity, setting Amaya on a perilous course through the coastal city-state of Moray, where old-world opulence and desperate gamblers collide. Amaya wants one thing: revenge against the man who ruined her family and stole the life she once had. But the more entangled she becomes in this game of deception—and as her path intertwines with the son of the man she’s plotting to bring down—the more she uncovers about the truth of her past. And the more she realizes she must trust no one…

Packed with high-stakes adventure, romance, and dueling identities, this gender-swapped retelling of The Count of Monte Cristo is the first novel in an epic YA fantasy duology, perfect for fans of Sarah J. Maas, Sabaa Tahir, and Leigh Bardugo.

BW My Review

Scavenge the Stars is the first book that I finished reading this year, and I am still thinking of what I felt for the story. Revengeful characters are not uncommon to me, as most of what I’ve been reading mostly revolves around it. But, for this one, I didn’t expect that the story has more to tell the readers. I’m glad that it makes my head hurts, knowing how twisted the fate of each character is.

It was said that this is a retelling of The Count of Monte Cristo, a classic book that I’ve wanted to read but just can’t get to because it always makes me turn back upon seeing the pages it has. But, I know what the story is all about, and Scavenge the Stars is similar to it in terms of the theme it has – vengeance and power.

In the story, we see how money, power, and social status can control a person’s life. It can either create or destroy you depends on how well you play it. I was able to see the treatment powerless people receive and also how the power you have can be taken from you in one false move or unfortunate event.

We have two points of view – from Amaya and Cayo. I love both of them, but sadly, they both didn’t hold my heart to love them. Though, I love how they handle their situations and how Amaya cares for the Water Bugs and how Cayo loves his sister. I love to know the other side characters like Roach, but unfortunately, they only showed or talked about rarely.

The pacing is slow, and that is fine with me as long as I can see that the plot is moving and that the characters and world-building are growing. Though, for me, the story still lacks something – something to make me love the story. The world-building is also lacking. I don’t know what differs each empire from one another even though there are some references in it like how a person looks like someone from this empire with also a look from another empire, but I don’t even what it means. I hope this would be talked about in the second book. Another thing is how I think the story moves so fast, one time we are on the Brackish, then the next the countess we are talking about is already Amaya. It got me confused.

Overall, Scavenge the Stars is not bad at all. I still enjoyed reading how the revenge will be done and what lies behind all the problems and mysteries our characters would want to be solved. I’m looking forward to reading the second book, and I hope it’ll be better than the first book. I’m recommending this book still to anyone.

Disclaimer: I received an advance reader’s copy via The Fantastic Flying Book Club.

BW My Rating

Rating 3

BW Book Details

Publisher: Disney Hyperion

Publication Date: January 7, 2020

Series: Scavenge the Stars, 01

Genre(s): Young Adult, Fantasy, Retellings

Language: English

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BW About the Author

Tara Sim is the author of SCAVENGE THE STARS (Disney-Hyperion) and AP Tara Sim.jpgthe TIMEKEEPER trilogy (Sky Pony Press) and writer of all things magic. She can often be found in the wilds of the Bay Area, California.

When she’s not writing about mischievous boys in clock towers, Tara spends her time drinking tea, wrangling cats, and occasionally singing opera. Despite her bio-luminescent skin, she is half-Indian and eats way too many samosas.

Tara is represented by Victoria Marini at Irene Goodman Literary Agency.

Name pronunciation: “tar-ah” (not “terr-ah”).

Website |Goodreads | Twitter | Facebook

Instagram | Tumblr | Pinterest

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3 thoughts on “Book Review: Scavenge the Stars by Tara Sim #BlogTour #Giveaway

  1. Ya I gave my Egalley 2 stars. I just wanted more character interactions and world building. I was also not happy with the jump from the ship to being undercover. I wanted to see the in-between. Great review!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I agree with the jump from the ship to being an undercover. There are a lot of information that I really want to know, but most of it is not told in the story. So, I’m hoping in the second book, it will be covered.


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