ARC Review: Feather by Olivia Wildenstein

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BW Synopsis

It was supposed to be a quick mission. The only thing quick about it was how rapidly I failed.

With only a month left to earn her missing feathers, twenty-year-old Leigh embarks on a feather by Olivia Wildenstein.jpgtrip to Paris to meet her newest project, twenty-five-year-old Jarod Adler, leader of the Parisian Mafia and the worst kind of sinner . . . a Triple.

If Leigh can get Jarod to accomplish a single act of kindness, she stands to win 100 feathers, more than enough to complete her wings and ascend to Elysium, the land of angels.

What she doesn’t count on is Jarod’s dark charm costing her feathers.

She’s dead set on saving him, and he’s dead set on destroying her.

Until he realizes destroying her wings is also destroying her heart.

A heart he longs to hear beat only for him.

Trigger warnings: graphic sexual scenes and a difficult ending. Not recommended for Young Adults.

BW My Review

Complicated. Hot. Heartbreaking. Those are the three words that I can use to describe the whole story. Until now, I’m on a book hangover, and I can’t start any books without writing this review first. I need to vent this feeling out.

“People usually hang on because they’re terrified of falling.”

Honestly, this is the second book that broke my heart like how Melophobia by James Morris did to me before. Also, I can very well see that this is inspired by the story of Romeo and Juliet, and it can be categorized as a retelling of the said story. Though, I guarantee you that there is more to the story than how you predicted it will go.

Feather is narrated with two interchanging first-person POVs of Leigh and Jarod. I love how we can jump from Leigh to Jarod. The plot is good. I love the unique world-building, and I also love and hate some characters. It mainly revolves around building the romance between Leigh and Jarod while also letting us learn the celestial world and its system. The writing is still amazing because I already read Olivia’s previous works.

“Because she looks soft and spineless. Like a feather.”

I love Leigh! She is a very kind, loving, and understanding angel. Even if the celestial system is not perfect, she wished to have it changed for the betterment of all – angels or not. Jarod is controlling at first, but he has a reason behind it, which I understand. I don’t want to talk more about them, but I loved both of them. I also like Celeste! I hope to read her story someday.

“Everyone’s scared of something whether consciously or not.”

Overall, I like this NA paranormal romance book that gives me a shattered heart and an unforgettable experience between the human and celestial world. I hope to read more stories within the heavenly realm. I am recommending this book if you are a paranormal romance lover! If you are also interested in angels, I also suggest this to you because the celestial world has a lot of unique stuff to offer you.

Disclaimer: I received an advance reader’s copy from the author.

BW My Rating

Rating 4

BW Book Details

Publication Date: January 16, 2020

Series: Angels of Elysium, 01

Genre(s): New Adult, Paranormal, Romance

Language: English

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BW About the Author

USA TODAY bestselling author Olivia Wildenstein grew up in New York City and earned Olivia Wildensteinher bachelor’s in comparative literature from Brown University. After designing jewelry for a few years, Wildenstein traded in her tools for the writing life, which made more sense considering her college degree.

When she’s not sitting at her computer, she’s psychoanalyzing everyone she meets (Yes. Everyone), eavesdropping on conversations to gather material for her next book, and attempting not to forget one of her kids in school.

She has a slight obsession with romance, which might be the reason why she writes it. She’s a hybrid author of over a dozen Young Adult love stories.

Website | Facebook | Twitter| Goodreads | Instagram

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