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Hello! How are you? I hope you are doing well despite the crisis that most countries are experiencing right now because of the COVID-19. If your place is not affected by this new virus, then that’s great news!

I live in the Philippines, as some of you must have already known. And currently, most cities here, even mine, are on a quarantine (or lockdown) until April 30. Also, even though I have the time now to do some personal stuff like reading books, I still can’t put myself to do it because our school decided to do online classes. But, it was suspended after hearing the complaints of most students; thus, the school decided instead that the professors can give doable offline activities – which are in my opinion didn’t really solve the problems of most students. Anyway, since we have offline activities, it takes away most of my time, and it still hinders me in reading books or doing some of my hobbies, like watching shows and anime. Though, I was able to finish one manga up to its current chapter just now.

With my situation, I know I am still living up to my semi-hiatus status, and I feel sad because I missed writing blog posts and connecting with you, my fellow book bloggers and bookworms. I really do hope that you are all fine right now, and are safe from this COVID-19.

Moreover, I am still checking my e-mail sometimes, and I’m sorry if I can’t reply yet to most of the messages as I’m still sorting all of it; the same for my other social media accounts.

I’m supposed to say more, but I think I’ll stop here for now. I just want you to know that I’m still alive and I haven’t forgotten this blog of mine yet. I also want to check and know how you are all doing right now. In case you want to rant or have someone to talk to, I’m always here, ready to listen. Okay? I love you guys and always keep safe!

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