Random Burst: News and Updates for Alys in Bookland!

Hello!!! Did anyone miss me? I missed all my blogger friends and of course, you, who are reading my blog even though I don’t know you or we are not that close yet.

I’ve been so busy since the pandemic started. With all the quarantine and stuff, I’ve been stuck inside my home with my family. As for my schooling, we finished the remaining days for the semester through online classes. Now, we still do online classes for the new semester which I didn’t enroll to because of various reasons. I hate stress for now.

I will be really really busy starting next month since I and my childhood best friends started a new business. Thus, I need to spend most of my time managing our business especially, I’m in charge of the finance and advertising stuff. Well, I’m an internal auditing/accountancy student anyway, so I’ll take this as another work experience.

As for this blog, I’m thinking how I will manage this one now that I’m busy enough to not have time for reviewing books. I still do read books, it just that I can’t write reviews for now. And oh, lately, I’ve been into light novels and web novels. I love Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint. I am also watching anime, k-drama, shows on Netflix, and movies on my spare time. I was thinking that if I can’t post review as much as I do before, maybe, I’ll make a recommendation post for books, anime and other stuff. Perhaps, a short review would be better than the traditional way of writing my book reviews. What do you think?

For now, I’m still on hiatus. Possibly, I will post at least one book review per month. I still don’t accept any book review request at the moment since I still have a pile of “ARCs and for-review books.” What a life for a bookworm and a blogger lol.

That’s all! I hope you are all doing fine! Always be safe and healthy! Thank you for reading!

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