About Me

About Alys in Bookland

Alys in Bookland was previously named Book Huntress’ World which was established in 2016. After a year and a half, this blog became inactive due to the owner’s busy schedule in her school and local youth organization. This 2019, Alys revived again her reading online haven with a new name of Alys in Bookland, inspired by one of her favorite novel by Lewis Caroll, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

About Alys

Hi! I am Alyssa Janine, and you can call me Aly or Alys. I am a book blogger/reviewer from the Philippines.

I like to read books, and I read all kinds of genre except for some non-fiction and erotica novels. I mainly like mystery, thrillers, suspense, fantasy, and paranormal.

Aside from reading books, I also love dancing, watching movies and anime shows, playing Sudoku, lurking and chatting with my fellow bookworms on Goodreads and HEXrpg, sketching/drawing anything that catches my attention, and playing with my baby dog, Bruno. I am also a Maths tutor and a former BS Math-BAP college student at De La Salle University. Right now, I’m currently taking BS in Business Administration Major in Internal Auditing at Far Eastern University. I’m also an active student leader, and currently, I am a part of the Finance team for AIESEC in FEU, the Secretary-General for National Alliance of Youth Leader – NCR, and the External Affairs Officer for Tatak Botante 2019.

My book reviews can be found on Amazon, Goodreads, and LibraryThing. The links are also shared on my Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook personal account, and Facebook Page.

In case you want to talk to me, just use the contact me page. If you also want to know more about me, then follow and add me on my social media accounts that you can find in the sidebar. Lastly, don’t forget to follow this blog so you wouldn’t miss any new posts!

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