Book Review: Feel Me Fall by James Morris

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Secrets and survival in the Amazon

Emily Duran is the sole survivor of a plane crash that left her and her teenage friends Feel Me Fall by James Morrisstranded and alone in the jungles of the Amazon. Lost and losing hope, they struggle against the elements, and each other. With their familiar pecking order no longer in place, a new order emerges, filled with power struggles, betrayals, secrets and lies. Emily must explain why she’s the last left alive.

But can she carry the burden of the past?

Discover the gripping new adventure novel that explores who we are when no one is watching, and how far we’ll go in order to survive.

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Feel Me Fall tells a magnificently deceptive and outstandingly gripping survival story of Emily and the other survivors of Air Brazil, the plane that crashed in the Amazon jungle.

The story was narrated through the eyes of Emily, and she was the only survivor of the accident.  She told a story of them striving hard to stay alive while finding the help they’d need. It was also a story filled with secrets and betrayals, unexpected tragedies, and shocking truth.

This is the second book written by James Morris that I’ve read and this is also the second time that his book made me involved and made an impact on me. Each scene is very realistic, and this makes it easy to be inside the story.

The story was cut into three parts. First, it was the present time where Emily was staying in the hospital. Next, it was when she and the group were trying to survive inside the forest. Lastly, it was a set of different events that depicts each character before the accident happened.

A lot of things definitely took place while they were enduring hunger and fatigue. There were plenty of struggles but with a small victory too. They were obliged to come together as a group to get through the trial, but problems always appear. Arguments, misunderstanding, distrust, and fears arise within the group. They were forced to follow a new order, and the forest becomes a terrifying place with death lurking around every corner. It affects me every time they would lose one of their companions, and it really makes me sad.

The thing this novel excelled at most are the characters. They have their own story, a story that makes them either strong or weak. All of them have their own history – a past that some of them were trying to hide, and some were trying to get back at. Some were mean, some were kind, and some were just in between. They are all intriguing and nuanced. I really enjoyed all the characters, especially to see how they’ve changed and developed either to become better or worst.

The ending really blew me, and I think it was because I’m not aware it would end like that. I was left amazed, and all I could think was how good this book is. It was fantastic to the point that it took me one whole day to actually write this review. After finishing the book, I couldn’t even put any word to how I feel, and my thoughts were still covered by clouds of opinion about the characters and the story itself.

Part drama, part teenage love story, and part friendship, this novel is a remarkable story. I am suggesting this book to everyone who liked to know how it was to become a survivor in a place where hope seems to be nonexistent, and death appears to be the only option for you.

Disclaimer: I received a reader copy from the author.

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Publisher: Inkspot Imaginarium

Publication Date: May 2, 2017

Genres: Young Adult, Mystery, Adventure

Language: English

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James Morris is a former television writer who now works in digital media. When not James Morriswriting, you can find him scoping out the latest sushi spot, watching ‘House Hunters Renovation,’ or trying new recipes in the kitchen. He lives with his wife and dog in Los Angeles.

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