My Blogging Advice on New Book Bloggers Series #2

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Today, we have another advice that I hope would be helpful for new bloggers, and maybe for those who are not new anymore. The advice today is useful when you are already growing your blog’s engagement, etc.

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If you are using WordPress for your blog, it is advisable to update your profile account’s link to your website properly. Thanks, Kristina @ Books and Dachshunds for mentioning this one. It is one of the things I mostly notice whenever I want to follow someone who already follows me. When I click the link on their profile, some of it is not updated because it tells me that the site is not available anymore.


If you are not using WordPress as your platform, check if a similar thing applies to your profile.


This is one of the best tips that I can share with you. Don’t forget to engage with your followers and the other bloggers out there. If someone commented on your post, reply to them. And, if they also have a blog, check out their site and contents. Leave a comment in their posts, especially if you find it helpful and it is a great content from them. Don’t just wait there for someone to comment on your posts and leave it like that without replying because they might find you not friendly, well, at least for me, it feels like you are ignoring me.


Don’t hesitate to ask any book bloggers if you need some help. May it be on how to do things for your blog, or asking ARCs, or whatever topics that you want some help. Most people in this community is amiable and would always be there to answer your questions.


If you are a busy person like me, scheduling posts are very helpful! You can save a day or two writing stuff like book reviews and discussion posts then schedule it. Doing this helped me in organizing things, especially I’m really busy with my studies and other personal stuff.


Last advice, for now, is to have fun while blogging. Don’t view it as a chore. Instead, have fun and love what you do. Also, don’t forget to be “YOU.” What do I mean by that? It means that it is okay to be inspired by the other bloggers but never copy them. Instead, just let them be your inspiration to create your own brand and have your own style in writing reviews and other stuff.

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That’s it! This is the second part of my blogging tips, trick, etc. I hope you learned something from this and I hope it’ll be helpful.

Do you want to know something that I might be able to help? Leave your questions below, and I will try my best to answer it on my next post.

Thank you for reading! Have a wonderful day!

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32 thoughts on “My Blogging Advice on New Book Bloggers Series #2

    • Yes! I learned that asking wouldn’t hurt you or anyone. Instead, it’ll help you understand things you didn’t know before through the help of someone who knows or has an idea about it already.


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