ARC Review: The Crown of Bones by Rosalyn Briar

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BW Synopsis

Fairy tales are not what they seem.

Gisela knows about sacrifice all too well.

She abandoned her education, friends, and fairy tales to support her family and care for BC The Crown of Bones by Rosalyn Briarher sister.

But when she jilts a wealthy suitor, Gisela is chosen for another type of sacrifice.

As an Offering to the Goddess Bergot, Gisela and seven others are sent on a deadly quest for a mythical crown. To return home, Gisela must overcome obstacles which darkly resemble the fairy tales she once believed.

Weaving through a tapestry of friendship, romance, violence, and magic—Gisela becomes the target of an ancient evil force, while an ominous detail from the past haunts her at every turn.

To what lengths will Gisela go to save the ones she loves?

Sometimes sacrifices must be made.

BW My Review

The Crown of Bones is an unusual twisted retelling of Grimm’s Fairy Tales.

The character’s in the well-known Grimm’s Fairy Tales are revived to take part in the adventures of our characters. It is exciting to see how those tales that we know of are inter-connected in the story. But, more interestingly, the fairy tale characters in this story are not like what we remember them to be. In The Crown of Bones, Gisela and the other characters will try to unfold the untold truth about their situations, and why their situations are somehow darkly similar to the fairy tales everyone knows of.

The author did an amazing job of writing a compelling and enjoyable tale. I’m always waiting for what kind of fairy tale story or characters will show up next, and how it will be incorporated and connected with our character’s journey. The writing pace is fast, and my only problem with it is how I’m sometimes lost whenever I’m reading a new chapter. The transition is confusing at first, but I’m able to connect again with the story after reading a few paragraphs.

The story also gave me The Hunger Games feels by having offerings, which are like a tribute. But, in this story, each offering is not killing one another to survive. Instead, they need to stay alive and survive the deadly quest of finding the missing crown of Goddess Bergot.

The story is narrated by Gisela, our main character. Though, there is a chapter where we are also able to hear the side of Bhram. Anyway, for me, Gisela can be considered as an unreliable narrator because of how she lived before being chosen as an offering. Then, with what she will experience in their dangerous journey, can affect how she thinks and decide, thus I am thankful that we have Bhram’s POV at some point.

Even though I said that Gisela is an unreliable narrator, she is still a strong woman for sacrificing her education and her own happiness to support her family. She is a caring and lovable sister too. She has a strong personality and I like her stand on most issues. Even when she has a wealthy suitor that can help her and her family in their current situation, she didn’t falter to say “no” to him. I like how she stands firm on her decisions and beliefs.

Then, the romantic side of the story is kind of funny for me. Not in a bad “funny” way, but I like how sweet and cute Gisela and Bhram’s relationship are.

Overall, The Crown of Bones is a unique mash-up of fairy tales clouded with dark and dangerous secrets and mysteries. I am recommending this story to readers who like retellings and dark fantasy.

Disclaimer: I received a review copy from the author.

Trigger/Content Warnings

Attempted Rape, Sexual Assault, Death of Friends/Family

BW My Rating

Rating 4

BW Book Details

Publication Date: May 5, 2020

Genre(s): New Adult, Dark Fantasy

Language: English

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BW About the Author

Rosalyn Briar was a High School Latin and Social Studies teacher. A love of fairy tales, AP Rosalyn Briarmythology, and traveling has fueled Rosalyn’s desire to tell entertaining stories. Although she has written stories and poetry since she was a child, it was having children that gave her the opportunity to write novels. The Crown of Bones is her debut. Rosalyn is happily married to her sweetheart, and they have two beautiful daughters together.

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