Thursday Talks: Where Did Your Blog Name Come From?

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I am curious. How did you come up with your blog name? Did you think about it for long before deciding to use it? Did you list many possible names then you pick one? Did you base your blog name after your favorites like foods, books, movies, etc.? Did you just come up with it in an instant? Did someone help you to think of it? How?


My blog’s first name is Book Huntress’ World. Before I come up with it, I know that I want something archery-related words into it. Being a La Sallian contributed to it because we were called an archer as a symbol of our university. Then, I thought of what I’m going to do as a book blogger, and that is to hunt for amazing and undiscovered gems (books). That was how I came up with the Book Huntress. Then, I’m thinking again of what words to use to represent my blog. Haven, den, world, nook, place, library, etc. and in the end, I chose the word world. And that’s how I came up with Book Huntress’ World.

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The 2016 and 2017 blog headers

Blog's Header (2016)

Blog's Header (2017)

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The previous blog logo *I still don’t know how to make pretty graphics before.*

Book Huntress World - Logo Book Huntress' World - Blog Logo

For my new blog’s name, Alys in Bookland, I already explained it on my other post, but I’ll repeat it. It is inspired by one of my favorite novel, Alice in Wonderland by Carroll Lewis. My name is Alyssa, and one of my nicknames is Alys, and it sounds like Alice. Then instead of Wonderland, I thought that this would be a place full of books, thus the name Bookland. And that’s how Alys in Bookland was created!

The new blog logo!

alysinbookland logo

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Let’s Talk!

How about you? Will you share with us how did you come up with your blog’s name? Do you have any tips for new book bloggers on how to think of a blog name?

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12 thoughts on “Thursday Talks: Where Did Your Blog Name Come From?

  1. Hey I just find a lot of blog name generator and it’s great I love the names and combination and the languages one can combine, I just published the post. I love your logos do you have an app for that, share

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  2. Before we started our blog my co-blogger Chana and I started thinking up possible names. We knew we wanted it to be both bookish and personal to us. We settled on Paper Procrastinators because it had something bookish, paper, and something that accurately describes us both, procrastinators. We also really appreciated the alliteration. And although it’s a bit of a mouthful I really like our blog name!

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  3. Nice Post! I have never thought so much about my blog name……. Maybe it was spontaneous name in my mind. I decided to be something with the word “beauty” because of topics which I write. They are various and always related to this word “beauty”.
    Just because the life is beautiful!


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  4. I wanted a title that expressed I would be posting about books both from the reading and writing perspective. I looked up some quotations using the search terms “books, “read”, and “write” and up came the perfect one, from Robert Louis Stevenson: “I kept always two books in my pocket, one to read, one to write in.” So Two Books Blog was named.


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