Thursday Talks: List of Activities You Can Do While Quarantined at Home

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Hello everyone! How are you all doing today? I hope you and your family are safe.

In my last update, I remember telling you that my city and other cities too are currently on lockdown and only select workers can go outside the house. Then, just a few days ago, it was announced that it will be extended again until May 15, 2020. Then, after that, there are still rules on who can finally go to work and such. So, it means that as a student, I’m still not allowed to go outside and we will spend the remaining days for this semester through online classes. And because of that, I’m expecting more additional online homework and exams in the next few days. Anyway, it’s not that bad on my part because I’m privileged to have everything I need. I just feel sad for those people who don’t have the same access as me.

Oh, well! Today, we have a new Thursday Talks. The topic will be about the stuff you can do while staying inside your house during quarantine! Of course, reading books will be part of it. I hope you can use these ideas, and have fun doing it. If your place is not under quarantine, you can still check this list out and maybe, you can do something new today.

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Be Creative!

1. Learn How to Draw or Paint. If you don’t know how to draw, you can try and learn this by watching online tutorial videos. If you already know how to draw, then why not do those unfinished drawings/paintings or create a new one?

2. Learn How to Cook. Cooking is fun, especially if what you cooked is something you really want to eat. Though it can be overwhelming if this is your first time to cook, there are easy-to-follow recipes online that you can try even if you are a beginner.

3. Learn to Sew. There are online sites or YouTube videos that teach you how to sew. Use those online resources to learn to sew some torn clothes of yours or even do some designs or style on your unused clothes.

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Be Organized!

4. Clean Your House. Don’t you think it is time to clean your house? Go and redecorate your home! Also, you can check if there are items that you want to give or throw away already to save space.

5. Fix Your Schedules. Whether it is school schedules, work schedules, or other schedules on stuff that you do, then move and fix and organize it now! Won’t be it better if you can organize what you need to do soon?

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Be Safe and Healthy!

6. Learn How to Dance. Move to the groove. Learn new steps and shake that body of yours while enjoying the beat of the music. If you don’t know how to dance, that’s fine! You are dancing inside your house, not outside and in front of audiences. So don’t be shy, and have fun dancing!

7. Don’t Forget to Workout. Burn those calories! Well, if you don’t usually work out or exercise, then use your free time during quarantine to do it! Know what routine exercises you want to do. Once you designed your workout routines, then go and play your favorite tune while exercising.

8. Do Yoga and Relax. Well, there are online videos too that you can stream to learn how to do yoga.

9. Learn Martial Arts. Ain’t it good to learn how to protect yourself? Try some specific stances and basic positions for a martial art that you want to learn. You can search for tutorials on YouTube videos or other streaming services. But, don’t force yourself if the tutorial becomes hard, okay?

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Learn or Share Your Knowledge!

10. Enroll in Free Online Courses. Right now, I enrolled myself in a course about web development. You can also do it if you are interested to learn something new! You can try browsing Coursera or EdX if they have free courses right now that you might like.

11. Learn a New Language. How about learning another language aside from what you already know of? You can use an app such as Duolingo or look for tutorial videos on YouTube.

12. Watch Documentaries. I’m currently interested in watching documentaries lately. I am learning new information about the historical sites in my country and some unfamiliar traditions that we have. Why not do it too? Maybe, you’ll learn that you have an interest in history or such?

13. Play Music Instruments. Do you know how to play musical instruments? If yes, go and practice! If not, and you have an instrument in your house, why not learn how to play it? There are many videos online that teach you how to use them and play music.

14. Create a Tutorial Video. If you have knowledge on some topics or you have skills that you want others to learn, then why not start your own YouTube channel? Come up with a theme and start recording your video.

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Relax and Have Fun!

15. Have a Virtual Tour. I heard there is some virtual tour of some famous tourist spots. Why not join and take a virtual trip to those places?

16. Play with Your Pets. Since you are home longer than before, I bet your pet felt happier. Play with them while you have more time to do so.

17. Bond with your Family. Well, lastly, why not bond with your family? Watch movies together or play board games. It is not always that we can be with them so spend time and have fun with them.

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Aside from reading books, these are just some activities that you can do while staying at home because of quarantine. Doing this also helps ease anxiety and release stress. It is up to you to decide whether you will only read books, eat, and sleep or add other activities while you spend time inside your home.

I hope you find this post helpful. Thank you for reading! Keep safe!

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Whether you are stuck or not in your house because of a lockdown in your place, do you have any suggestions on how your fellow bookworms can spend their time aside from reading books and the list given above?

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6 thoughts on “Thursday Talks: List of Activities You Can Do While Quarantined at Home

    • That’s great! I enrolled myself on a free online course about web development last week, and I hope I’ll be able to try other things out.


    • Thank you! It’s great that you can keep yourself busy with knitting! I bet the end-product would be pretty. Always keep safe too!


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